Zax Boom by M. L.

Zax Boom

One Day on Zax, Miegraine was hunting Jacopees from his favorite hunting place. Jacopees are large, bear like creatures who live in lava pits. It was a hidden place, somewhere few of his fellow minotaurs went. As he was hunting, he thought about his most wanted dream, to rule the minotaurs as their “king”. He suddenly became aware of the sounds coming from the other side of the hill. He snuck up and found eight of his brothers with blowguns to scare away the Jacopees.

Why are you ruining my hunt?!?” He yelled.

“Because, brother. We have our reasons.” Six of the eight brothers were mutated visibly. Miegraine was also a mutant. Most minotaurs had been since Neptune gamma bombed Zax in 4873.  His mutation was that he often didn’t know what he was doing. Almost as if someone else was controlling his actions.  This was one of those times. Miegraine shot at his brothers with his laser gun. Most missed, but two connected on the youngest brother, Jak. Jak fell to the ground, dead. The rest ran for cover and their stolen weapon caches. One of the brothers went to the minotaur “king” who immediately banned Miegraine from the minotaurs’ home island.


Miegraine then fled to the next nearest island which was the 200 mile-away island where the Yoties lived. A Yoties is a ape-like creature smarter than most humans. Miegraine had to swim 200 miles through pulling, radioactive water. He made it to the Yoties island ten hours later. Miegraine soon regretted this desicion, because the minotaurs and Yoties had been at for hundreds of years. Upon arriving there, three Yoties, bigger than anyone Miegraine had seen before, captured him, brought him to their elected ruler. Their ruler sent Miegraine to a deep, dark cell in his fortress. Eventually Miegraine was able to plead his case to the Yoties leader. The Yoties leader, Zarrillo, was impressed, and since he liked minotaurs, he gave him the job of farming and protecting naers, which Yoties eat their spleens with eggs. A naer is a pig-like animal. Eventually Miegraine worked his way up to being the Zarrillo’s servant. Then one day, the Zarrillo said that Miegraine would be released because of Zarrillo’s trust in him. The day after he is released, a strike team of 80 minotaurs in full armor and weaponry, from rocket launcher to laser guns, dropped from a hovering craft, surrounding Miegraine. Miegraine quickly surrended to the others. They forced Miegraine onto the VTO/L hovercraft, which took them to the Pit of Bankaakl, which in t he minotaurs’ written language means “Place of Bloodshed”. It was essentially a gladiator arena inside a volcano. As they approached, Miegraine began to grow worried. The Pit of Bankaakl was known for massive, bloody fights.

Miegraine was dropped into the pit, surrounded by 386 other minotaurs. They gave Miegraine a sword and the fight started. Miegraine stabbed at one minotaur’s armored stomach. The minotaur easily blocked the clumsy attack. Another attack from Miegraine broke the minotaur’s legs. As he fell to the ground, he was able to hit Miegraine in his sword arm, causing him to drop his weapon. Surrounded by other minotaurs, he jumped on one, choking him to death. The others all circled around Miegraine forcing him to surrender. They captured Miegraine and brought him before his father, Asterion.

“WHY DID YOU DO THIS?” Asterion bellowed.

“I’ll never tell you about my plans for the galaxy” Miegraine said in a hushed voice, while trying unsuccessfully to get free from his bonds.

Asterion then took a handfull of high-tech C4 plastic explosive, and blew up himself and Miegraine. Somehow Miegraine survived the explosion. He had lost a leg, an arm, and four teeth. His ribs had been absolutely pulverized. He was gushing blood from multiple severe wounds. Three quarters of his arm had been ripped off the bone and was laying feet away from his body. His last thought before he passed out from loss of blood was “Ha, ha, ha!”