Virus by JR



“Jacko, prepare for take off, quickly!” shouted Poindexter.

“Should I fire the blasters yet?” I asked, perspiration dripping inside my oxygen helmet.

“On my order – Three, two, one, NOW!” Poindexter gave the command.

The ship was almost out of the atmosphere when, BOOM!  The planet exploded. Giant fireballs shot out of the planet, then in the distance ships holding the planet’s inhabitants flew up off the ground, narrowly escaping.  I looked back and saw all of the ships burning up in the atmosphere.  THUD!

“What was that!” asked Poindexter.

“I don’t know, it sounded like a ship.”

“It can’t be, you said that they all burned up,” He said.

I looked back and saw a green lump on the side of the our ship.

Back at Earth in a lab, Albert scraped off the lump and put it in a bucket.  We all left to rest for the night, but when we came back the green blob was open.  The virus escaped.  Albert ran in when he heard us searching for whatever was in the green blob.

As Albert came in he said some gibberish and then talked normally.

“Hey, what’s going on in here?” he asked.

“The blob is open and we are trying to look for any sign of whatever was in the blob,” Poindexter exclaimed.

“What, h-h-how do you know that there was anything in the blob?” Albert asked with fear in is voice.

“Its pretty obvious that there was something in the blob,” I said.  Albert left the room and I said, “He was acting nothing like Albert.”

“Yeah, and I think that whatever was in that blob ship is now in his body,” Poindexter said.

“Thats crazy!”  I proclaimed.  I didn’t want to believe that, Albert was infected by a parasite, he was my best friend.  We kept looking around until Poindexter found tiny purple tracks under a microscope.  He followed the tracks until he found that they led to Albert’s room.  We heard arguing from inside.

“Why did you do it!”

“What did I do?”  Albert asked with fear in his voice.

“You and your worthless crew destroyed my planet! And now I’ll destroy yours, unless you give me a good reason why you destroyed mine!”

“We didn’t destroy your planet you did.  The other species on your planet did, they hollowed it out for minerals, we went there on a rescue mission but it was too late,”  Albert said.  We ran in and saw Albert and no one else.  We asked him what happened and he said, “The thing in the blob it’s an unknown species, too small for the human eye.  It took control of me to find out why the planet got destroyed but once I told him he left my body and sprinted under the door back to his blob ship.”

“So the the purple blob that was in the green blob was in your body and then it questioned you, left the room got back in the green blob and left?”  I asked a little confused.

“Yes, but I don’t know where he would go from here,” Albert said.

“Maybe to another planet to repopulate?” Poindexter added.

“Maybe.” I said.  We never saw the blob again.