Untitled by T. R.

Today I am here to tell you my favorite story about Bob. Now Bob is a world famous body builder. Even though you might think Bob is like the best person in the world but Bob has one weakness. He is really dumb. Literally Bob on his report card he… whoops, I forgot, Bob never made it past kindergarten

So as I forgot to tell you that Bob is really scared of small animals and that he has a pet dog named Baxter. Baxter is a special dog because he can talk. Now Baxter has a special role in Bob’s life. He has to tell Bob what to do and his schedule for the day or Bob will not be able to do anything. Literally, Baxter has to help Bob brush his teeth. Anyway, one morning when Baxter was going through his morning routine of telling Bob what to do when Bob accidentally fell on Baxter. Now that isn’t good because Bob cannot do anything but lift. So that’s what Bob did. He lifted Baxter to the hospital. Baxter apparently had a broken leg and had to stay in the hospital for a day longer.

So Bob made his way back home. Bob didn’t know how to do anything so he just sat in a chair and ate pickles. When Baxter got back he saw Bob passed out onto the floor with about 30 cans of pickles around him. Baxter put him in his bed and cleaned up the pickles. In the morning Baxter suggested that Bob should go back to school to learn some more life lessons.


So the next day Bob went back to Kindergarten. It was really weird for Bob because he is 38 in a room with five year olds learning the ABC’s. When Bob got home he said to Baxter “that was the most fun and hard day in my life. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I really liked nap time!”




“I can’t wait for my 1st day of kindergarten” Bob said.

Baxter now 12 said that he was not going back to school and said that you already have failed kindergarten 5 times and it was useless trying again. That made Bob very mad and he started to cry and went to his room and took out his book that said on the title “Addition for Beginners. “ That night when Baxter went up to say goodnight to Bob he was sitting in a chair with his book of addition in front of him and was reading it!

The next day Baxter had to go to the vet to have a check up and the minute he stepped out of the door Bob started reading his math books again.  When Baxter returned he saw Bob on a computer on an educational site where he was learning about division! From then on the only thing bob wanted to do was learn.




Bob started school again and graduated then he went to Harvard at the age of 56 and got a masters degree in THE ART OF WRESTLING. After college Bob became a wrestling commentator and then one tragic day Baxter died in Bob’s arms while reading the art of multiplication and from that day on whenever Bob read a multiplication book he has claimed to see a picture of a dog on every page.