Untitled by K.N.

Crrrunch. It had been a typical day for the civilians of Harsh City, on the planet Ractilnononian. But, after the large crunch, like crumbling metal, everything changed. What looked to be silver, tiny gumdrops, were realized to be drop pods. Nobody had a clue what was happening. Then, there was a sonic boom louder then the roar of a jet engine. The little tiny pods were still raining from the sky. Large chunks of land were being torn up, from the size of elephants to the size of entire city blocks. They just rose into the sky, and whenever they stopped rising, they just sat there. Like little pebbles in the sky.

One pre-teen human boy was there when it happened. And he was waiting for his chance to get off the planet.


What the heck is happening? 12-year-old Jason thought when the  loud sounds rippled through the air. He had been watching the news from his Portable Holographic Screen. The news had been saying that there had been strange radio waves being received from all over the planet. Jason had heard this dozens of times in the last week. He had found this interesting at first, but now it was getting annoying. So as soon as the reporter had said, “Some sort of invasion” Jason was interested again. But then he saw the “Islands” float up nearby, and his first thought was to run.

As soon as he started running, he heard a whirrroshhh behind him, like an arrow being shot through the sky. And then an ear-splitting crash. Jason immediately dove under a nearby dumpster, and covered his head and neck with his arms. He waited a minute then, looked around from under the dumpster to check if anyone suspicious was around, and then crawled back out. One of the little pods was sitting right where he had been. Jason went over to touch it, and immediately jumped back, because it had begun to glow. Such a cliche, Jason thought, Just like the movies.

          But, the pod opened up, revealing a bunch of modified, high-tech, yet old-fashioned-looking, TV things.


“Ha-ha, this is some scene for a movie, isn’t it?” Jason said.

“UM… NO! THIS IS NOT A PRANK.” The collective voice of the robots said. They all raised a weird robotic arm up to Jason. Little bolts of blue electricity had started erupting from their arms. The last thing Jason before unconsciousness was a flash of purple and teal.


“Where am I?” Was the first thing Jason mumbled. He was in what looked to be a jail cell, though much cleaner. And then he saw a window into a room with the robot things.

A flash of blue light appeared again, and a robot said, “Name: unknown. Age: 12. Description: Five foot five inches, dark brown hair.” Ugh, not these guys still. Jason thought. He realized he had been laying in a bed.

          Jason heard a crash! followed by a bright flash. “How wonderful. In a cell with crashing noises,” Jason said. Then he saw what was in front of him. About a half dozen of the robots were trashed on the floor. One’s screen/face was flickering emotions, which were made of letters and symbols. “Ah, I love tinkering!”

Jason, along with other humans on this planet, were constantly building devices to make life easier. He even had a class on it. “A mask from these robot faces would be cool,” Jason said to himself, “It could hide my face if anything more suspicious stuff shows up…” He suddenly heard footsteps behind him, and another kid about his age showed up. He then realized that it was best friend from school, Joe. “If you’re going to mess around with your robots, I’d do it quickly,” Joe said. Joe didn’t really talk much, unless he was having fun or needed to.

Jason wondered how Joe had got there. It was strange, just having him show up when least expected.

A few hours later, Jason had constructed a mask from the robot’s facial screen. The mask displayed whatever face Jason wanted. Jason took a shard of reflective glass and made faces at it. Then a thought hit him: Why were there scraped up robot parts in the cell Jason was in? Wait, it must have been Joe. Jason thought. And then a loud SREEEEEECH echoed behind him.

Jason and Joe turned around to see what their doom was going to be. Jason looked around and saw nothing. Nothing but a cute little lizard. Just a lizard. A little lizard couldn’t harm him. And then lizard opened up his mouth and did another SCREEEEEEECH!

“OH MY GOSH MY EARS!” Jason instantly yelled. The face on his masked flickered to a :0. Joe dropped to the ground with his hands over his ears.He scooped the lizard up into his hands. Jason hadn’t seen anything like the lizard before. It was a bright, teal-green color, and somewhat represented the bearded dragons on Earth. “What are you?” Jason asked. He checked his Portable Holographic Screen, but got no results except for some “mythical dragon”. Jason realized the lizard did have wings, but he still though it was a lie. There is no way I’m holding a young mythical creature. Not possible. “I just worry about you in the morning,” he said to the lizard-thing, “I need some rest.”

Jason woke to a quiet morning. He then started to freak out. What if he was stuck where he was? Unable to leave. He then managed to calm himself down. “I should probably check where I am,” he said to the lizard, “Don’t want to be lost. And try to escape.” He tried to open the door to his cell, but he couldn’t get it open. He saw a one of the arms of a robot, picked it up, and managed to pry the door open. He stepped out into the sunlight. “Well, I know where I am, but not where I want to be…” He had stepped outside, on a block in town he was familiar with. But, the block was floating in the sky. Okay, either someone’s using holograms, or a movie just came to life. Jason checked over the edge of the ‘island’, and knew this was real. Though after he had been outside for less than thirty seconds, the loud SCREEEEEECH! Over and over again. Apparently someone doesn’t like being alone. He hurried back to get the lizard. He saw Joe carrying the lizard out to him. Ugh  Apparently the lizard did not like Joe.

All of a sudden, flash after flash of blue lightning appeared. And that lizard was not small anymore. Not. At. All.



After the explosion of lightning ended, a giant winged creature stood where the lizard once was. The creature was the size of a large shark, and had the same characteristics as the lizard, but larger. Spikes rose from the spine of the creature, and the wings unfolded from its sides. Then it took off. Like the impressive display was for nothing.

Well, that was something, Jason thought. He was questioning how what just happened could have been real. Crazy stuff had been happening, but not this crazy. Then, he wandered about the broken robots. The lizard did it… But how could he? He couldn’t fit in there as a dragon. Or could he? Jason thought. He looked around. The chunk of land he was on was deserted, except for Joe. He told Joe he was going to scout the area for people. He checked all the nearby buildings. As he was walking into the last one, he noticed a hole in the floor. And then it started glowing. Just my luck, something’s going to blow up…. And a robot came out. It wasn’t like the other boxy ones, it was more humanoid. Jason didn’t get to see much of it. Because before he knew it, it dragged him into the hole.

All he could see was pitch black darkness. Nothing else. Just darkness. He could just see light down the hole. Weeeeeeee, so much fun… not. This is scary. Jason thought. The bottom was definitely getting closer. And the robot threw him towards the bottom. A couple hundred feet down.

Jason woke up, in his own bed. “Huh, that was just a dream. And surprisingly I remember it,” Jason said to himself. Joe wasn’t there either. He got up and went downstairs for some breakfast.

All that was left was cereal. And not even sugary cereal. Just plain old cereal only adults like. “Ugh… not even any bread for toast.” Jason groaned. He poured himself some cereal, and went to the table to eat his breakfast.

As he was finishing his breakfast, a large crash outside echoed through the room. Then harsh wind followed. Rain started pounding the roof, almost like it was solid. “Well, the weather did say storms for the day…” Jason finished his food, and then sat down to watch TV.

The lights turned off soon after he turned on the TV, which also turned off. “I guess I could read for a while,” he said, pulling a book from off the bookshelf.

After reading a while, the darkness outside started fading to a purple-ish color. Then it started whirling around, and the wind made a  screeching noise that started to hurt Jason’s ears. The rain intensified, and the wind got louder and louder until Jason was wondering if this was a dream. The power turned back on and Jason turned it to the weather. The weather man was screaming that you should hide in a basement or closet, and to cover yourself with whatever possible. Jason thought it was a tornado, but there was no flying debris. Just wind and rain. The trees outside weren’t swaying in the wind, though he knew he could hear wind.

Jason went into the basement anyways. He flicked the lights on, and what he saw almost made him pass out. But not quite.

The dragon from his dream was sitting there staring at him. Are these dad’s new halloween decorations? Jason thought. But it was early April. Why would he get halloween decorations in early spring?  That would be ridiculous.

Then the dragon moved. It opened its mouth and breathed a fiery roar.

Jason opened his eyes. He got up and checked the basement, which had no dragon. Thankfully. That was the strangest event ever. There was no way that could have been a dream. He would have woken up in his bed, right? He checked around the house for anything out of the normal. Nothing.

As he was walking out the front door, he stopped. And not for no reason. He was floating in the sky. The floating islands were back.

And just as he was taking it in, someone tackled him from behind.

It was the robot from his dream. He got back up onto his feet, and the robot tackled him again. Jason picked up a branch and knocked the robot off into space.

Jason then went to his room, worried.

Jason woke the next morning thinking about his dream, and how he had come up with them. Dragons and robots was a cool combination, but his dreams were just straight out weird. The dream with the alien planet was strange. And the other stuff was strange. They weren’t even dreams. He checked out front and everything was back to normal.

After having a normal breakfast, he went into his room. He had been working on a drone lately, and was almost finished. He added on the last propellers, and tested the drone. The drone propellers started spinning, and it successfully flew into the air. Jason had an app on his phone which let him control it and see its view. He opened up the window, flew it out the window, and instantly heard a scream.

Thankfully, it was just his neighbor, who was a 5 year old kid. He ran into his house yelling, “Mom! The evil robot aliens are going to invade the kitchen!”

Jason heard a crash come from the basement of his house.After carefully landing the drone, he went to check what had caused the sound. He opened the basement door and out came his pet dog. “What were you doing in there?” Jason asked his dog. His dog obviously didn’t answer.

Jason went into his backyard to fly his drone some more. He did this for a little while, and then went inside, because it was going to rain.

As he was walking towards his house, he saw a flash of blinding light, and was hit by a bolt of lightning.


Jason instantly landed in a room. It was just a white room with nothing in it. Except for a man in a suit.

The man-in-the-suit walked towards him chanting, “Great addition… need more robots…”

“Are you ok?”

“Do I look ok!?”

Jason then got a closer look at his face. It was covered in warts. Yuk… kind of disgusting… Jason thought. He kept mumbling  something about “More robots…”. He then took out some sort of remote-controller. He pressed a few buttons, and then opened up a door Jason somehow didn’t notice and walked off, closing the door behind him. Jason heard the click of the door locking.

“Great, I don’t know where I am, and I’m stuck in empty room,” Jason started complaining to himself. He then heard the door reopen, and was surprised to see what it was.

It was the robot from the other day. Reality seemed to have shifted and his house was high in the sky. And it had a drone in its hand. Jason’s drone.

“Why, and how, are you following me around?” Jason yelled to the robot. “How do you follow me through my dreams? Is this a dream itself?” The robot just stood there. It then slowly turned its head towards Jason. “I’m following you because of your abilities. You are able to-” A loud screech echoed through the room, and the robot dropped to its knees, and then stopped moving. Jason was starting to think this was a movie.

Jason walked over to the robot, which still wasn’t moving. He kicked it, just to make sure nothing strange was going to happen. It just fell over with a loud crash.

He thought about how the robot had just stopped working. He went over to the robot to see if something had gone out of place. He took one look and knew it was way too complex for him.

He went over to the door to see if it was locked. It was. He slid his hand around the door to see if it was one of those secret passageways. There wasn’t. All he could see was a strange little key-hole.

He checked to see if the robot had any keys on him. After finding non, he searched the room for the key. But, while he was searching, he found a red button.

Jason instantly though, Don’t press the button! , but the tempt was too strong. He pressed it. And then….

Nothing happened. The button did nothing. Though he did find a little hook on the back. Maybe it’ll open the door… Jason thought. He hooked it on to the door, and pressed the button. But instead of the door opening, the room changed. It morphed into what looked like a maze made out of metal.

Jason walked into the maze. Nothing surprising showed up as he walked through the maze. About twenty minutes later, he reached the end. There was an open door there, and, curious, he went through.

He had entered into an empty hallway. It was poorly lit, and a bit creepy. He started walking through, when he saw that there was one other door. He opened it, and walked out into his own backyard.

He rushed to his house. It was difficult to see where he was going, sense it looked to be deep into the night. As he walked into his house, he heard a breathtaking crack.

Jason looked behind him to see a large tree falling behind him. It landed on the ground, scraping up dirt and grass. Another tree fell, along with another, and another. Jason the realized that the ground was starting to shake. Nearly unnoticeable at first, but slowly became more violent by the second. He went into his house, and took his dog out of the house, who was hiding under the kitchen table. He checked to see if any of his family was there, and when he realized nobody else was home, he rushed outside as fast as he could.

As he got outside, he realized that his house was also starting to shake. He saw a house falling down across the street. He took his dog and ran away from everything. He knew of a field nearby, and he might be safer there, away from the falling buildings and trees.

After about five minutes of running, he and his dog finally reached the field. The ground was still shaking, but a little bit less, and nothing could fall on them now.

Jason looked up into the sky. He saw clouds swirling together, as if they were going to form a tornado, but they opened up, and something unexpected showed up. It was the dragon.

The dragon looked different than before. It looked like it was made of metal. Jason looked harder, and realized it was made of metal. The dragon turned its head toward Jason, and dived towards him.

Jason saw the dragon target him, took his dog, and ran towards a nearby barn on the edge of the farm. He found a basement, and jumped into it.

Down there he found a tank of gasoline, some hay, a few matches, and a horse saddle. He heard the dragons wings, and knew he must have been right on the barn.

The dragon thrashed apart the barn, making debris fly everywhere. Jason, panicking, opened up the gasoline, threw it at the dragon, lit a match, and then chucked right where the gasoline hits the dragon.

The next thing Jason knew, the dragon had combusted right before his very eyes.

A few weeks later, Jason was walking into the brand new school. Along with most of the town, it had been destroyed during the disastrous event. A few kids said they had seen a dragon, but the teachers all told them it was just a strange coincidence that a hurricane and earthquake had  occurred at the same time. Jason’s family was all right, they had instantly went to a nearby storm shelter. Jason’s…