Untitled by I. H.

“Alastair, you there” Luna sighed. “Come on out boy, she’s gone.”  A huge beast emerged from the shadows. “Good boy.”  A grey, furry beast came fully out of the darkness.

“Im sorry boy, but you know that if she sees you, then you’ll get taken back to the arena.” Luna hugged Alistar.  “Look one day we’ll find somewhere where we belong.”

“Luna!” Erin, Luna’s stepmother screamed.

Coming Erin. You stay here boy. I’ll be right back, ok?” Alistar begins to lay on the floor. Luna jumped up from the ground and ran to the kitchen.

“Luna I told you to be up and ready five minutes ago!” barked Erin.

“Sorry Erin, I must’ve forgot.” Luna apologized.

“Well you’ve been told not to before!”

Erin yelled.

Luna sighs. “I’m so sorry Erin truly I am.”

“Well Luna thanks to you quitting your job, we don’t have the money so it’s either we’ll sell that beast of yours or I’ll make him fight.” Erin hissed.

“Erin, you know that Alistar doesn’t fight anymore!”  Luna exclaimed.

“Well now he’s useless and he can’t make us money so get rid of him!”Erin said.

“No, that’s not fair to me or to him!” Luna rushes upstairs. “Come on Alistar we’re going, now!”

Luna puts Alistar on his leash and zooms out of the house.

“Where do you think you’re going young lady!” Erin yells, but there is no reply. Luna rushes to Hyper Hallow. “Let’s go boy, we’ll be safe here. Alistar pants, while Luna keeps on running. “Sorry boy, it looks like I might’ve gotten a little too carried away. Luna runs back to Alistar and lays down underneath a tree.

“Look Alistar, these are our initials.”

The tree reads, L+A. Alastair lays down next to her. “Look boy, there are some Kahoots! Those are like super rare to see these days.”


“ Look I’m sorry boy, but she was gonna make you fight again!”

Alistar sighs. “Look you know I don’t want you fighting anymore because of what happened last time…”

Alistair jumps up and stares behind the tree. “What is it boy?”

A shadow emerges from behind the tree.

“Come out, whoever- whatever you are.” Luna begins to shake. “Just come out ok!!”

The mysterious shadow turns into a person.  “Hey I’m sorry i was just so intrigued with your discussion.”

“ Well please leave.” Luna exclaimed.

Look I have a way out of here, oh and hi i’m Astrial.”

Astrial looks at Luna expecting for a response.  Luna looks at Alistair shocked. “I’m Luna and look if you want to help me get out of this place then things are gonna go my way and were going to do it with my plan alright.”


Astrial has a shocked look on his face. “What’s that look for.” Luna says offendedly.

“ I- I’ve just never been talked to by a girl like that.”

“ Well get used to it and oh yeah this is Alistair. Don’t touch him, talk to him, look at him, or make baby faces at him- he hates that.”

Astrial nods his head quickly and quietly.  “Ok so how do we get out of here.”

“Well hold on,” Astrial says loudly. Why is your skin two different colors?” Astrial said surprised.

“Because my dad was a Karlian and my mom was a Larmaxian. After they had me, they got punished and put to death.”

Luna’s face turns pale and she suddenly begins to feel sick.

“Oh.. I’m sorry.” Said Astrial.

Luna begins to stand up. “Look we don’t have much time before Erin finds me.”

“Who’s Erin?”

“ My stepmom. She wanted to make Alastair fight again and I said no and decided to find a place where I actually fit in.”

“But why can’t he fight?” Astrial asked.

“Why do you ask so many questions? It’s a long story with not much time to explain it.”

Oh yeah we have to hurry,” said Astrial. Luna, Astrial and Alastair head to the center of town. There! There she is! An anonymous voice exclaimed. Aaron?

“Get her!” Aaron exclaimed.

“Run!” Luna, Astrial and Alastair bolt down the street to a dark alleyway. “Where are we going?” Luna exclaimed.

“Just trust me and get in the dumpster.” Astrial said.

“What, are you serious?!”

Alastair made a disgusted face at Astrail. “

Just do it! Hurry!” Luna and Alastair jumped into the dumpster.

The sirens pass. Ok, we’re clear. Luna and Alastair emerge from the dumpster.

“Ew,” Luna says disgustingly.

“Well did you want to get caught?” Said Astrial.

“Well obviously not.” Luna says with a snarky tone in her voice.

“Well good, let’s get moving.”

“Okay, where are we going?” Luna asked.

Luna, Alastair and Astrial start walking North. “Look,” Astrial exclaimed. “We have to go North for a couple of hours.”

“Yeah, well then what?” Luna exclaimed.

“Then we’ll be on the edge of Larmax.”

“But, Larmax is circular.” Luna exclaimed.

“You know what I mean.”

2 hours later. “We’re finally here!” Astrial exclaimed.

“Wait, really. That wasn’t really long.” Luna says with a relieved pitch in her voice.

“Yeah, I know.”

“How are we going to get to where I want to go?”

“We don’t have a lot of time.” Astrial says with a worried look on his face.

Sirens get closer as multiple police cars pull up. “Alistar, run.” Luna shouts.

Alistar bolts North. Run! Guardian forces dash out of the cars with laser guns in their hands.

“Stop, we demand you to.” Luna and Astrail suddenly freeze. “Hands where I can see them.” Luna and Astrail raise their hands, afraid of the laser guns.

“Luna Antie and Astrial Mentez, you’re under arrest for running away and helping a runaway.” As the Guardian forces handcuff Luna and Astrial,  Alistar runs into town and get found by beast control and gets taken away.