Untitled by B. W.

One day sisters, Skylar and Sarah, were walking in to the town of Varitekville to go grab lunch at the Black Bear Cafe. They walked in and sat down at the seat closest  to the window.

Both of the brown-haired girls looked out the window and saw a mysterious man standing and staring at them, clearly irritated, but curious. The girls look at their plates like nothing happened but when they looked back about five minutes later his eyes were still on them. They began to get up out of their chairs slowly, not taking their eyes off the man. They scurried out the door and rushed down the block. They looked, and the man was slowly walking towards them, clapping his hands in uniform with his feet. When the girls looked back at the man he turned his head, when they looked forward he kept staring.

The girls had enough of this so they turned around and walked up to the man. Skylar asked “Why are you following us, and why are you staring at us?.”

The man took a pause and then said, “I was just trying to find information about you.”

“Why?” Sarah says snapping back at him.

“I can’t tell you,”the man explains. It’s a secret.

“If it’s about us, you can tell us.” Skylar explains in hatred. The man slowly yet creepy turned around and gradually inched his body away from the girls.