The Unexpected Crash by RW

Chapter 1

Once an astronaut named Mike was flying in a space ship.  He was looking for his long lost brother Larry.  While he was flying a mysterious ship shot his ship right out of the sky.  Mike came crashing down on a planet called Zamorano.  Mike suddenly realized that this was the planet that his brother Larry crashed on because there were some of his clothes floating in the air. He knew they were Larry’s because he wore the same white shirt before he disappeared.  So he had to fix his ship and then he could save his brother.  But just when he opened the engine capsule his engine shot out and was floating out in space because there was no gravity on this planet.  So he had to walk through a bunch of rivers to get to flat land to inflate his camp site.

After inflating his camp site he started to explore.  While exploring he swam through rivers,  climbed humongous, brown mountains with giant, hairy spiders, passed a boiling orange lava lake with all sorts of ugly creatures, passed an acid volcano that had green globs of acid and came to a town called Tortoise Town. This town had good artificial gravity.

The tortoises greeted Mike and warned him about going to Evil Alien Snake City.  These tortoises looked like Earth tortoises standing on two feet and tortoises that could speak English.  He stayed a night at Tortoise Town and met the king.  The king’s name was King Tabolion The Third.  He was a very old and wise king and gave very wise speeches as well.  The king said to Mike,’’Mike I am going to give you this jewel, keep it safe because the evil snakes have been looking for it for 30 years.’’  The jewel was gleaming red with a sharp point on the bottom
Mike said with amazement,’’They have been looking for that sparkly jewel for 30 years?’’

“Yes Mike and if it falls into the wrong hands the whole world could be destroyed.’’

Mike could see that Tabolion trusted him and was really serious about the jewel falling into the wrong hands. With a smile on his face Mike said,”Ok, I will protect this from the alien snakes with all my heart.”packed up all his belongings and went back to the camp.


Chapter 2

Back at the camp Mike thought about the warnings that the tortoises told him about the Evil Alien Snake City.  But, Mike thought that maybe his brother would be there and he could save him.  Then he wondered what the alien snakes looked like.  Mike thought they would have human legs and a human body and their head would look like a snake. Mike decided that after he had gotten some rest he would head to the Evil Alien Snake City.

When Mike woke up he shouted,”It’s time to save my brother from that Snake City!”

He set off climbing the treacherous mountains and swimming across rivers.  Then, there it was, the Evil Alien Snake City guarded by a bunch of ugly, snake headed guards.  They had a snake head and human legs with a tongue that looked like a normal snake’s tongue.

One of the guards hissed,’’Sssso what are you doing here sis place is forbidden.”

Mike made up a lie and said,”I am delivering a necklace to your king.”

Another guard hisses,”Ssssay only If you answer this question you can come in.”

The third guard hissed,”What is the name of the Tortoise Town king.”

Mike said ,” His name is King Tabolion The Third.”

A blinking green light went off and said,”That is the right answer you may now pass.”

Mike passed and entered through the door.  Mike was astonished when he saw all the giant buildings that the alien snakes took so long to build.  Now Mike knows that he has to talk to the ruler of this city, save his brother and get out of here.

Chapter 3

Mike was on the way to talk to the ruler when two guards appeared out of nowhere with spears.

“What do we have here”, one of the guards snarled.

“I think we have a human in this City”, the other guard grunted.

Then another guard suddenly appeared and said,”Take him to King Gargoyle.”

The two guards took Mike by the arms and dragged him to the royal throne.  At the royal throne everybody bowed down except Mike.

“Bow down!”, King Gargoyle exclaimed.

Mike said,”Why do I have to bow down I am not one of your guards?”

King Gargoyle got furious and said,”Everyone bows down to their king so just bow!”

Then Mike tilted his head and bowed down.  The Guards told King Gargoyle that Mike came in without asking.

King Gargoyle then ordered his guards to come after Mike, Mike sprinted out the door and hid behind a building with an alley way.  Mike took a deep breath as the guards passed him.  Mike walked closer into the alley way and saw this gold circle like dome with a numeric code on it. The first thing Mike thought to himself is that maybe his brother is in there.

As fast as he could Mike started putting in random numbers. Then he finally found the right number.  The door opened and right before his very eyes he saw his brother Larry tied up in a laser proof rope. Quickly mike cut the rope with his knife and then Lary was free.

“Mike you came to save me!”, Larry shouted

“I’m so happy to see you!”, Mike said

Mike whispered to Larry, “We have to be quiet to get you out of here, the guards are looking for me.”


Chapter 4

Mike and Larry scrambled out of the alley way watching to see if any guards were watching them.  Then one guard saw them and started chasing after them. Larry grabbed a boomerang out of his pocket and threw it at one of the guards. Meanwhile the other guard was on their tails. Mike grabbed his laser gun and shot one of the guards heads off.

Mike and Larry then left snake city and went over to the tortoises.  Mike introduced Larry to King Tabolion The Third.

“Nice to meet You.” Tabolion said

“Nice to meet you too.” Larry said

Mike asked,” how do we kill King Gargoyle?”

Tabolion spoke, “You have to throw that gem i gave you into the acid volcano with Gargoyle in it, it is the only way.”

“Ok.” Mike answered.

Then out of Nowhere King Gargoyle came closer to them in a green ship. The guards on the ship were shooting at Tortoise town.

“Throw that gem into the volcano with Gargoyle in it and fast.” King Tabolion said

Mike and Larry ran across the brown mountains and to the volcano. Just then King Gargoyle jumped down and shot Mike with one of his stunning lasers.  Mike fell off the top of the volcano and Larry went after him.

“Mike are you okay?” Larry screamed

“I guess so.” Mike said with belief

Mike put Larry on his back and jumped to the top of the Volcano with his non gravity jumping boots.  When they go to the top King Gargoyle stuck a fist at Larry but efficiently Larry blocked it.  Then Mike took out his gun and shot a laser at King Gargoyle but it only hit his staff.

Larry got back up and chucked his boomerang so hard at King Gargoyle that it knocked him Right off his feet.

Chapter 5

As King Gargoyle Got up Mike shot him again with his laser.  This time King Gargoyle went full force and whacked Larry in the face.

“Have you guys had enough yet?” , King Gargoyle said

“You can do anything you want but we’re not leaving until you are dead!” Larry shouted.

“O really”, Gargoyle said

“Bring it on!” Mike shouted

They started shooting and punching again until Mike and Larry came up with a plan to get Gargoyle into the volcano.

Mike went over to King Gargoyle and said,”You are just a snake king I bet after all that fighting you can’t do anything more to us.

“You really think that I had enough!” Gargoyle shouted

Right then King Gargoyle ran at Mike and Larry. Then the two of them grabbed Gargoyle and Shoved him into the volcano. But Gargoyle broke free. Then he charged another time and this time he fell legs first into the acid volcano.

King Gargoyle shouted, “I’m burning noooo!”

Just then Mike threw the gem into the volcano.  After that happened the two of them had three seconds to get out of there so they jumped off to safety .  Three, two, one , the acid volcano exploded with a big BOOOOOM!  

Mike and larry shouted,”King Gargoyle is dead and we are safe.”

They quickly went to the tortoises to spread the good news.

“I am proud of you two!” Tabolion shouted

“Can you fix my ship?” Mike asked Tabolion

“ Of course I can.” Tabolion said

Then Tabolion fix Mike’s ship and waved good bye to Mike and Larry as they blasted off back to Earth.