The Sword of Power by R.R.

The Sword of Power


Summer 2 18, 1762, Camp NOU. Capital Palace. Another boring day at the palace watching my dad run an empire, thought Fernando III.


“Sire!” A messenger yelled, “Zyrtec’s army has just destroyed camp #4.”


“How many troops do the attackers have?” asked King Fernando II,  the King of Humans.


“One…one…one million troops…sire.”


“One million troops,” said Fernando to his dad, “That is a lot “


“You’re right Fernando, everyone, Retreat!” Yelled King Fernando.


Just as everyone started to react, a huge wave of laser sliced through the roof. Fernando looked through the hole in the roof and saw a huge animal: Zyrtec, the king of evil animals who was created by a mixture of fire, water, ice, wind, and rock when this world was created.

Fernando ran out the door of the palace into the busy streets and into an alley between two, large, crumbled buildings. Fernando looked up into the sky and watched the laser and fire fill the sky. Then he saw a huge ball of fire coming right towards the building next to him and it lit up into a 30 foot high bonfire. Fernando started for an exit, but a wall of fire blocked it. Fernando turned to go the other direction but 3 cloaked ones ( the evil animals of Zyrtec’s army ) appeared in the alley. Fernando quickly covered himself in his shirt and ran through the fire, out of the alley. Fernando scanned around the scene for his dad, then Fernando saw a huge flash of laser. He peered inside the mist and saw his dad lying on the ground. Fernando ran over and knelt down next to his dad.


“Dad, hello” said Fernando.


Fernando tapped his dad on the shoulder, no response, Fernando shook his dad, still no response. Then, Fernando realized that his dad was dead.




By now, Fernando is deep in the woods that surround Camp NOU. He looked back toward the city and could still see the light and smoke from the fire and laser that painted the sky. He started heading farther into the woods and got to a cliff side. He looked far into the distance and saw another city, Abun.


Fernando had heard about the city of Abun from his father’s stories, but Fernando had never seen the city in person. Before Fernando went down the cliff into the city, he needed some food. He started looking. In Fernando’s world, anything that is green is edible. So Fernando found a pile of algae and an old pickle with a hint of hair. He ate them and then started making his way down to Abun. Fernando saw many things in the city such as stores, grumpy and depressed people and large barrels of green food. But what had really caught Fernando’s eye was the palace of Abun. One thing Fernando did know about Abun is that the palace held a special sword that was capable of killing Zyrtec. And killing Zyrtec was exactly Fernando’s plan for revenge on all the animals of his world.


Fernando went straight to the palace and burst through the palace doors. He saw a map of the palace on the wall and saw a gleaming drawing of a sword in the smack middle of the map, and started walking. When Fernando got to the center of the palace he took the sword and ran out of the palace far away from the center of Abun. Then, Fernando put the sword in a sheath, thought a nice thought, and sleep came upon him. When he woke up he saw many bright lights and noticed he is in a brightly lit cellar, Fernando is in jail.




Fernando was out in the jail yard when he saw it.


Finally, my chance to escape has just arrived, thought Fernando.


Fernando saw a huge wagon filled with hay and supplies steering right into the open jail house gates. Fernando ran inside of the wagon and took off into the streets. Once Fernando got out of town he immediately had to hide. There were already several police on the search for the criminal who had stolen the, “Sword of Power.”


Then, a police-dude spotted Fernando, and Fernando ran back into the nearby woods by the cliff. Fernando saw a bright light in the distance, and Fernando was hungry, but there was no visible green substance anywhere, he ran straight for the light. When Fernando got to the light he noticed that it was a small hut. Fernando then peered inside one of the windows and saw a pot of green grass cooking over a stove. Instinctively, Fernando went inside the hut through an open window. Fernando began to eat the grass when a small man with a staff pushed his head into bowl and said, “Sure, go ahead and chow down on my dinner. Thanks a lot!” Clearly being sarcastic.


“Sorry, I didn’t know anyone lived here,” said Fernando.


“Well of course someone lives here or there wouldn’t  be a house here, DUH!” said the little man.


Fernando immediately noted to himself that this man is feisty.


Then the little man saw that Fernando was carrying the most powerful sword ever made and said, “By the way, the name’s VFW, or Very. Feisty. Wizard, and I could help you use that pole of death you are carrying.”


The wizard then started training Fernando with the sword until Fernando could cut through an entire tree in one swing.


“You are ready Fernando to fight Zyrtec now,” said VFW.


Then Fernando ran off back to the capital, Camp Nou, to fight Zyrtec. It was summer 2 and all of the evil animals need sugar (which is in the air) and warmth to fight well, and they were more ready than ever. Fernando got to the city and saw Zyrtec in the middle surrounded by all evil animals in the world. Fernando went to the top of a tall tower and jumped over all the animals and landed on Zyrtec’s back and stabbed Zyrtec. Zyrtec fell down and crashed on the ground and all of the evil animals dissolved into mist. Then the human paparazzi crowded around Fernando and threw him in the air. It was time of celebration for all humans.


After that there was a party in the newly rebuilt palace of Camp Nou and Fernando was named the King of the Humans and VFW placed the crown on top of Fernando’s head and said, “ Good job kid. “


The End.