The Rune Caster by C.C.

The Rune Caster


When Hearthstone went to bed that night he did not think that the next day would change his life forever.

When he got up he went down to his friend’s shop “Blitzen’s Best!” It was one of the most popular clothes shop/ blacksmith shop. He worked till noon. Then went to his rune casting class. His mentor Odin had taught him to use rune magic. When he got there it was destroyed and Odin was not there, all he could find was a rune.

He threw it against the wall in frustration it shimmered then said in Odin’s voice “ Hearthstone if you found this message then listen I am fighting a  huge horde of DRAUGR there’s too many, Loki’s here he’s escaped I don’t know how but find me soon BOOM! KRASH! AHHHHH!!!!”



Hearth was surprised. The draugr were gone for centuries and the fact that Loki escaped, he was frightened but he knew that he had to act fast. Odin needed him.

He ran back to Blitzen’s Best. He would need his friend to help him save Odin. When he got to Main Street he saw huge cracks everywhere, then a small group of draugr came flying out of the ground.


“To see what effects it would cause to the ground master,” said the lead draugr. Their  voice sounded weird to hear.

“ I sense an intruder,”  said Loki then “crakk!” he shot pure energy a few feet from Hearth.

Hearth had about enough he pulled out a rune then he tapped himself with it then he was next to his friend. He told him what happened

“Well we need to stop them,”  declared Blitzen.

“And here’s how,” said Hearth. Now dwarfs are good at molding solid rock to any shape they want and look very sort, and he was digging down to find Loki’s lair.

“You see,” said Blitzen. “Where is the perfect place to hide when having draugr?” asked Blitzen. “Underground, because draugr give off this aura that gives fear to any living being and the best way to block the effect is dirt and soil.”

They came to a cave with a giant caving of this symbol on the wall.

“That’s Loki’s symbol,”exclaimed Hearth. Then two giant snakes came from mid air then Blitzen stood still they passed right through them. Then he knew that this was the entrance to the lair.

He lobbed a rune at the symbol it glowed a bright green then it rolled over to the right and then the largest army of draugr were in front of them. But at the very front was the largest draugr they had ever seen and on top of it was a throne made from lost souls and Loki was sitting on it.

“Like my new toy boys?” asked Loki. “This is my secret weapon. It can fire blue fire beams from its eyes and it keeps all the draugr from crumbling to dust. And now ATTACK!”

All of the underworld was unleashed. Hearth tossed the rune of the ox. He grew super huge and muscular then he started wrestling with the huge draugr. Then Blitzen started to throw his newest weapon, Expando Ducks. They started as little metal ducks then they grew 40x bigger crushing legions of draugr. But in the end one stray flying club hit Blitzen in the head and then he was chained to a huge boulder.

It all came down to Hearth and the huge draugr it shot fire he dodged it then he punched Loki’s throne off it.

The effects of the rune wore off. He went back to normal size. He was about to go in for round two when he heard a shout.

“Help! Hearth help!” It was Blitzen. He went to go save him.

“Now, now Hearth be careful or your friend might become one of the dead,” said Loki.

Hearth saw that the huge draugr had a boulder in a hand that had Blitzen chained to. Then he threw the rune of the ox at Blitzen so he grew even larger than Hearth had. He flipped the large draugr in the gorge then “ CRUCH!”  It was dead all the draugr started to crumble to dust. So did Loki. Then Odin appeared all okay.

“Thank you for helping me Hearth,” he told them.



The End