The Adventures of Gary by JB

The Adventures of Gary


Gary, a 38 year old man lives in the year 4678 when the humans can do just about anything. Gary was launched into space with one Other person who died when their ship malfunctioned in light speed and got flung out the window of the ship. That sucked everything out but Gary hung on for his life. When he saw that his ship was going down he just let go and and used his thrusters to land. He tried to salvage anything he could from the ship to help build his base. After he built his base he was out salvaging for anything that he could find from his ship or anything in general when one day he found an alien named Chippy on  SOL 30,000


       Chapter 1

Gary has been stranded and one day he meets a alien named chipy that says “I crashed SOLS 120,000,000,000,000 and I once was a human.”

“Ok, how did you become a chip?”

“There is a toxic area that I didn’t know about and I got mutated into a chocolate chip.”

“Ok, do you know anything about the planet?”

“The whole planet is almost all water and there is only 83 miles of land and if I help you get off the planet you have to take me with you.”

“Fine but helping me includes helping me make a spaceship!”

On SOL 500,000 after they made a settlement that has enough food and water to last 10,000,000 SOLs they hear a loud CRASH. In the morning they see what the noise was and see that there is a killer alien that was sent to kill Gary. The killer alien sees Chippy and says “You must go too, Chippy My name is Jerry and I can’t be beat!”

It took a long time for Gary to realize who sent Jerry to kill him. It was a Jike and they have been at war with earth for a long time. Their base is on Herpa which is where Gary was supposed to go on his mission. Gary had a theory that the Jike shot down his ship. .Chippy and Gary split. Gary hid behind a rock. Chippy is nowhere to be found. Gary found a skeleton and put it in his place. Then runs and doesn’t stop running until he falls to the ground at the base of a volcano 1 ½ miles away. The volcano gets so hot it can melt a rock from ¾ m.

When gary woke up he came up with a plan to kill Jerry. Once he caught up to Chippy he told Chippy his plan to kill Jerry and about the volcano.

Jerry finally finds them. He has his most dangerous weapon yet: a 5 foot long 20 shot shotgun with 2 unidentified guns on his sides with strands of ammo on his shoulders. Jerry started shooting everywhere and 1 shot hit Gary in the arm.

When the firing stops they manage to escape and finally find Gary’s base. When they get there Chippy treats the wound with medical supplies. While Gary is healing Gary is tried to get the transmitting device working so he could call earth to get weapons, food, water, and more medical supplies. then Gary finally gets the device working he transmits the broadcast signal and it automatically shuts down every machine in a 3000 mile radius. When he transmits he does it during a fight with Chippy  and Jerry. Jerry shuts down. Gary breaks all of Jerry’s circuiting systems and shut him down for about 10 minutes. Gary and Chippy got him tied up near the volcano and when he wakes up he finds himself almost into the lava.

Jerry said “you think this will kill me?!?! I told you I am invincible.”

“Are you sure about that?” Gary asked. He held up Jerry’s owner’s manual.

“No, how much do you know?”


“Lets shut you down for good.”Gary aimed the E.M.P pulse reactor.


“Ok lets throw him in.” Gary said.

“Are you sure about that?” Jerry asked suddenly.

“What how are you still here? We shut you down.”

“You didn’t think i knew you were planning this?”

Jerry jumps up and starts shutting everything and shuts Chippy’s hand.


The 2 fall back to the camp and come up with another plan. They think if they can rewire the ship and get it working they will be able to shoot him into the volcano and melt him into preexistence. While they were working, Chipy asked Gary, “what was your original mission before you crashed hear?”

“Well lets see I had to go to the plant Herper to destroy the base of Jike so we could live a life of freedom and so we could didn’t have to be under their control for the rest of our live.”

Then chippy said “do you have any idea where the alien came from?”

Yes i do i think Jike sent it to kill me and my ship so i don’t want it to fulfill its plan

So tonight let’s put our plan into action.”

So that night while jarry was out prowling the the forest they snuck around the trees and when they got spotted they ran as fast as they could to the volcano and when they got there they waited for jerry and when he came they hid behind a rock until he got past them then they jumped out and they started shooting him back until he fell into the lava and burned in the lava and died.