Sister Love by A. W. F.

Sister love

Shay and Tay Tay just got to  their G’mas house. Shay is a 12 year old girl that has brown hair,  green eyes, and is very tall. Tay Tay is a 5 year old and has blonde hair,  blue eyes, and is small. Their G’ma has grey hair, and is not that tall, and their G’ma  is very nice. Shay and Tay Tay and their G’ma live on a farm. Their house is big and blue. Shay has her own room.It is all  purple and blue and her bed has a lot of photos on it. Tay Tay has her own room, too. It is pink and she has a bunk bed and she has a lot of  toys in her bed.

The first night at their G,mas Tay Tay goes  in Shay’s room because she got scared and Tay Tay wanted to sleep with Shay. But Shay said “you don’t to sleep with me if you are scared.”

Tay Tay ran off and cried so their G’ma ask Tay Tay what was wrong . Shay hated Tay Tay so much that she didn’t let Tay Tay sleep with her.

Tay Tay said, “Shay is being mean to me  I got scared and she- said you don’t have to sleep with me if you are scared”.

A week later Shay had to watch Tay Tay and Shay was talking to her friends. she said “you go in your room and play i’m talking to my friend right now”. So Tay Tay went in her room then an hour later Tay Tay got bored and she went outside. She lost her ball and then she went  after it but it went in the woods and Shay and Tay Tay have never been in there Tay Tay went to get her ball. Then she was on her way back and then she didn”t see the house. Shay went to go to Tay Tay room to get her and she wasn’t in her room so Shay got worried about Tay Tay and then she went to find her.

A couple of hours later they found Tay Tay and then  their G’ma asked Shay if she had learned her lesson.  Shay didn’t so G’ma didn’t let Shay watch Tay Tay again.  When she was told she could not watch Tay Tay again she did not care because she didn’t like to watch Tay Tay at all.

She said, “there one reason to watch Tay Tay anyway, Tay with her and that she has to take something to keep her from getting bored so she didn’t run off again”.