Second Stars by AF

Second Stars



The “asteroid” loomed over the broad  atmosphere of one of Jupiter’s 67 moons. A small humming noise interrupted the vast silence of space. In this giant space station a small ship emerged, and its ion engines hummed slightly. This was a drop ship full of 70 soldiers armed with plasma guns and backpacks full of supplies. This ship was going to a planet just past Pluto to colonize it. Humans had colonized mars and the Earth’s moon and were now fighting aliens on this planet. For 13 years the humans and these aliens had been fighting for this planet, a dry planet with liquid nitrogen seas.

Our main character is a man named K52605 or “Edward”. As the ship entered the moon’s very thick  atmosphere there was an announcement on the over “We are now in the atmosphere, repeat, we have entered the atmosphere” the intercom crackled slightly. Edward looked out the window and thought to himself, This is it, 2 and a half years, and we’re finally here. The ship lurched and started to hover. As the landing gear deployed, the glowing thrusters dimmed.

Suddenly there was an explosion and several red lights started flashing and on the intercom they heard, “chhchhc, remain calm, chchchhhh.” the pilot’s voice was cackled out by interference. Edward felt the ship start to fall faster and looked out the now cracked window. The explosion caused the window to fog.

A few minutes later the pilot came out into the bay and apologized. He was a small round man, he wore a pilot’s coat and several medals were on his chest. After that Edward felt the ship slow and heard the landing gear deployed. Then the crack of the intercom flickered on “Sorry, again, about that folks, uh, there was just an engine malfunction and we’ll be on the ground in about a minute.” Edward glanced at the man next to him and said, “Which planet are you from.”

The other man looked at Edward and decided to talk, they probably wouldn’t ever see each other again and said, “Me? Well I was born on Earth but I went to a university on the Moon. That was three years ago.” the man told Edward

“I was born on Mars but went to military school when I was 17,” replied Edward. “Since I went to military school for so long I’m considered a special forces.”

Just then the pilot’s raspy voice came over the intercom, “We have just landed, please put on your helmet and the door will open, thank you.”

Edward looked at all of the displays on his helmet, the date, the time, his heart rate, and the coordinance. Ppsssstttt. Edward looked up and saw the large door slowly lower, as it hit the ground with a clunk, all 70 soldiers stared at the world which they had to live in for the next two years.

Since the moon had liquid nitrogen seas, it was always foggy, and when it wasn’t foggy it was raining liquid nitrogen. The freezing cold fog leaked into the ship’s main room. Edward suddenly realized that if he didn’t start moving he would freeze and started to walk out and said, “Well come on, we came here to fight not to stand around!”



As Edward walked out onto the hard brown rock that made up the moon, he noticed all of the residents of the city were wearing hazmat suits. Edward soon  realized why when he saw the ginormous cooling tower. Edward had a very hard time taking all of this in, he gazed at the towering buildings and at the miles and miles of cold hard rock.

Just then, a clunk and a blast of heat came from behind him, he looked and saw the ship slowly fly away from the desolate planet.

Edward looked at his fellow soldiers and thought to himself, where are we supposed to go? As he was thinking a man started to walk towards them.

“I am General Radus and you will follow me,” said the man. He was a tall man with short white hair and was wearing a navy blue jacket. Edward and the other soldiers started to follow the man. Abruptly he stopped and looked at them sternly. “Do you know why you’re here?”

Edward looked at him and said “No sir, all know is that the humans want it for its plentiful supply of uranium.”        Radus looked up and said, “You see, You couldn’t dig 3 feet without finding at least 3 pounds of uranium. This was great for the humans because the base on the Moon and Mars rely on uranium for power. The aliens on the other hand use the small moon for it’s other plentiful recourse, liquid nitrogen. This substance is the only liquid that the aliens can drink that doesn’t harm them. The aliens ,or Roagey, came to the planet millions of years ago and killed its native species.” Just after he said that a blinding flash of light appeared.

A giant green explosion rose over the horizon to the south-west. Alarms sounded and civilians bolted into the buildings. In all the commotion Edward yelled, “Come on, we have to get to the battlefront!”

Joined with about 100 other soldiers Edward ran as fast as his legs could carry him to the outside of the city borders.

Whump! A grenade was thrown 20 feet in front of Edward, and its shock wave hit him in the stomach and knocked him down.

“Ughh” groaned Edward.

“Get up now soldier!” yelled one of the commanding officer

Edward got back up and slid behind a piece of debris for cover. He peeked over the top of the metal plate and saw the hideous looking Roagey, they were about 8 ft tall and had each of its 6 fingers had wicked sharp claws. Their long faces had three eyes on each side.  These dark purple creatures would defend their territory viciously.

Edward took his weapon and aimed it at one of them, phhww, the red laser hit the creature right in the chest and it fell down dead.

“Nice shot!” yelled a woman on the left. Edward took no notice and aimed once again. Phhww, the red laser missed the alien and hit a rock pile behind him.

Edward crouched back down and looked at his belt and saw two grenades clung to it. Just as he grabbed one, a green laser beam flew right past him and hit one of his fellow soldiers. He gasped as she dropped onto the ground and smoke curled out of the charred hole in the her armor. He crawled over to the body to see if she was still breathing. He took the girl’s wrist and looked at the screen on her wrist, no pulse, thought Edward. He looked at the woman’s belt and saw one grenade, Edward took it and strapped it to the chest.

Another green laser flew over Edward’s head. Edward took another shot and missed. He looked at his chest, took the grenade and threw it.

The small grey device with the red light flew through the air, past the humans line and right in the middle of enemy territory. Wo-hp wohp wohp WHOHP

            Boom! The bomb exploded in a flash of orange and yellow sending six Roagey flying back. Edward read the display on his helmet , “warning, hydration levels: low.” chirped the helmet cheerfully. Thanks, though Edward as he jumped over his cover and ran behind some crates. As he was about to take when a shot a large red beam came out of nowhere and blasted the aliens to bits. Edward looked up to see several ships flying over the battlefield, the navy! Thought Edward. The green and yellow ships flew over and bombed the battlefield, in five minutes it was over. Edward walked back towards the city slowly making sure not to accidentally step on a gun or grenade and made it back to the city safely.



Phhsssttt, the hard metal door opened slowly and General Radus walked into the city’s large control room. “What is going on here?” asked the commander.

“Sir, we don’t have communications, were also low on food and water,” said a man at one of the computers. “We have low power, the city will shut down in two days.”

“Well then I guess we better start packing we’ll have  to go to the nearest city and hope they’ll help us.”

“I’ll send out a notice to the residents immediately, sir.”

Edward pressed the numbers 52605 on the control panel of his private bunks barracks. The doors gears turned and Edward walked in, on his bed was a letter from General Radus himself.

Sergeant, #52605, I was recently notified of your skills on the battlefield. After receiving this update I am giving you a promotion, colonel. You will be assigned a squad of 25 able men and women. You are to report to the city’s control room tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. don’t be late.

            Edward continued to stare at the letter for a few moments and then started to dance around the room. Edward decided that the best thing to do was to get a good night’s sleep and get ready early.

The circular room had only a few things inside of it. In the middle of it was a tall chest, it was grey with windows on the inside with green light coming out. There was also a control panel by the door that would open the chest, several broken pipes that spewed liquid nitrogen mist all over.

A Roagey walked in and pulled a lever on the control panel and dashed out quickly. A large hissing noise filled the room, and the chest opened very slowly. Then 2 deep purple hand emerge from the chest, and a deafening roar filled the room.

Edward opened the door that lead into the city’s command room, manually. The power had been knocked out and the city was almost ready to depart over The Six Brothers, the tallest mountain range on the planet. . Edward finally pried open the door and inside were General Radus and Edward’s squad. All the computers were dark and only machines that worked were the small attack robots that hung on the walls.

“Colonel, this is your squad and you will be the main supervisor of the trip to the nearest city, this means you are in charge of food and water distribution, the sleeping situation and when we are ready to depart.”

“Yes, sir.”

Edward turned and walked out of the room with General Radus and his squad.

“Forward!” yelled one of the many officers. The city’s many occupants marched out of the large city. The next city was just over the moon’s tallest mountains. The people of the city trudged for many days and nights until the fateful day they came to the base of the Six Brothers.

Edward looked up at the towering mountains that they had to climb. Edward heard the general’s orders, “Soldiers please board the drop ships and scout out the area.”

Wait a second,  Edward thought, If we had ships why did we walk 75 miles? Maybe so we could escort the city’s occupants to a new settlement without attack?  Edward then started to make his way to the dropship. He walked up the ramp and stood next to his squad. His members, along with 2 other squads waited for the red blinking light by the door to activate. The light gave 1, 2, 3 blinks and the hatch closed.

Edward felt his stomach as the ship slowly glided to the top of the mountain.

“This is your commanding officer.” crackled the intercom. “When we land if there is an alien fortress up there, us, and three other dropships will take cover and take that base down. We just received word from several aerial observers that many of the city’s people are still their. The city’s occupants are depending on us!”

Edward grabbed his helmet and hastily set it on his head. Edward then heard many large clunks, just then the light blinks 3 times the soldiers inside all got up and stood side by side. There was a clunk as the ship landed, pssssttttt, the door opened. All men ran out, lasers flying past them. Each soldier ran for cover. The 3 of them got shot and flew backwards on the way to cover.

“Hit the turrets!” screamed the commanding officer. Edward was hiding behind a large rock and was sharing his cover with two other soldiers. The woman peeked behind the cover and shot at one of the turrets.

“That armor’s too strong for blaster” yelled the woman beside Edward

The other solder peeked out and took aim, phcew! The man fell backward with a smoldering hole in his armor.

“Medic!” yelled the woman beside Edward. A man in white armor rushed over and looked at the man’s wrist, “no pulse, i’m sorry” then he rushed off.

Just then the 2 other dropships landed, Edward smiled as he saw a heavy gunner exit the ship. The lasers bounced off of his armor. He took out his weapon and aimed it at the turret, the projectile trailed smoke as it zoomed toward the 1st turret. Boom! The tall tower fell over with crash and the firing stopped. Edward took this as an opportunity and ran for a large piece of debris. He dived and reloaded his gun.

The heavy gunner fired and the second turret tower fell backwards, smashing the wall of the small fort. “Let’s move up, storm the fort!” a soldier yelled.

Edward got up and with all his might, ran inside the fort.

It was chaos. There was fire everywhere and the bodies of the aliens littered the ground. He got up to the main citadel and threw a grenade up into the main base.

But it never went off. Edward hastily ran up the steps and looked into the base, nothing.He walked inside and found a large generator. He slowly walked closer. He gasped when he saw the logo on the machine, EEM (Earth Explosive Manufacturers.) That’s the human’s biggest explosive company!

He hastily took out his comlink. “General Radus, I believe that I just found a, planet bomb.”

“Acknowledged, Colonel.”

Edward waited for about three minutes when a small attack squad entered the room.

“Finally, you came.”

The squad looked at each other and aimed their weapons at Edward.

“Whoa,what, hold up.” Edward exclaimed.

In almost slow motion Edward saw one of them pull the trigger. Just before the laser hit him he slammed a red button on the device and the world went black.

A humm entranced the room. The blue power generators glowed and sent waves through the room. Edwards body lay on the floor. Out the window bits and pieces of the moon floated about. There was a crash,