Planet X by JC

Planet X

As the ship started to lift off Rits clenched his chest guard keeping him on the seat. His starship quickly reached the atmosphere Rits shut his eyes to hide them from the light coming off the nose because of the heat of his starship. His ship came to a slow stop he turned on autopilot and let the ship coast to the planet The ship beeped, “APPROACHING PLANET X

Rits prepared for the impact he was about to experience. Rits opened his eyes only to see that he had landed on the pad next to the Mother Base 1. Rits unbuckled his belt and took off the chest guard, he slowly approached the door of his starship, as it opened Rits was instantly choked by the air outside, he slammed the door shut and coughed. After the mistake he just made he reminded himself to put his rebreather on. Rits stepped outside and felt the grass. It was slightly dry. “It must not rain often here,” he thought. As he approached the docking bay doors he was gestured inside by another robot and was led to a large room.

A large bulky robot spun around in a metal office chair and mumbled, “I’ve been expecting you sit down, sit down.” Rits took a seat at the farthest end of the table. the chair was rough and he could smell the robots oily breath. Rits squirmed around in his chair trying to get somewhere where he couldn’t smell it. The large robot let out a unsettling groan as he got up from the chair and mumbled again, You got some big shoes to fill, better not mess it up my boy.. Your assignment is to join the fellow soldiers in the process of making the planet, habitable.” The large robot stumbled over to where Rits was sitting and lifted him off his seat. I’d like to show you the equipment you are working withRits and the large robot slowly walked through a backdoor in the room. The room was filled with load crashing noises and banging, but Rits didn’t mind. There was a large blue mecha  the gigantic metal suit in the middle of the room. The large robot suddenly said, This is your SkeletonX, the best mech suit out there. If you want to take it for a spin, be my guest.

Just as Rits heard the word spin, he took off running and climbed up the large ladder at the back of the mech. The hatch instantly popped open allowing Rits to climb inside, the inside was extremely larger than the outside. As soon as Rits stepped on the large pad in front of the giant screen a unknown voice said, Welcome to SkeletonX, if you would like to start your mission, attach the straps to your legs and arms.”  Just then a couple straps lowered down from the ceiling. Rits hastily attached them to his arms and legs. The voice said, We are preparing to lift off from the landing padThe suit stalled a little then made a loud screeching noise and started to lift off the ground.

Seconds later Rits was surfing the sky across the planet. There were many large creatures running amok along the rough surface of the land. The smaller creatures stayed huddled in a small group, however the larger more menacing creatures acted as lone wolves staying isolated by themselves. But Rits’ duty was not to observe, he was programmed to complete his mission, which was to destroy all life forms to make the planet inhabitable. The large computer beeped again We will reach the landing area in approximately 2 minutes and 46 secondsRits wondered to himself, When will Iactually get to do something instead of sit in a ship or walk somewhere.The ship let out another noise, similar to a gust of wind and then there was a large banging noise. Rits unstrapped his arm and leg straps and climbed up to the hatch. He gave it a gentle push and it flew open.

Rits climbed out of the mecha and walked toward the large building in front of him, the large sign above the entrance read, Armory.” The large doors slowly opened with a large screech. Rits walked inside the large room and was greeted by a couple of other robots, they lead him to another room where many armor like body suits rested. The other robots quickly put one onto Rits, and led him out the door again they did not wave, they just pushed him out the door. Rits climbed back into the mech and took off again. Then Rits got a hologram call inside the mech, it was from the large robot. It simply said, Now that you’ve got your supplies you are ready to start your mission, You must find a way to get rid of all the monster-like creatures.Just then the mech made a sound almost like when you open a soda bottle, and went plummeting down to the ground. It landed in the grass which was actually a soft landing. Rits climbed out of the mech and looked around, all of the large creatures were walking around. So Rits had to avoid being stepped on. These were the creatures he had to get rid of? “But they were all so peaceful, none of them had shown aggression to me or any other creature, Rits thought.” Rits had a feeling that the large robot was up to something, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. If Rits was able to repair the mech he could take down the boss of this operation. Rits started to scavenge the area for lost parts, when he found his ship. It was kind of banged up from the landing but was still fresh for parts. Last Rits checked, his mech was missing a flux capacitor to get it lifting of the ground and was damaged from the fall. Rits pulled open the sliding door of his ship, and walked over to his toolbox and took out his screwdriver and drill. He went back outside and started screwing the bolts out of the titanium on the sides of his ship, once he had a few plates of titanium he started walking back towards his mech.

As he arrived back at his mech he went right to work, he bolted the used flux capacitor on the control panel of the mech and replaced some of the titanium plates for the thrusters. It looked almost brand new, so Rits climbed inside and the controls just powered back on. It was up running again. It lifted off the ground and Rits set his course for the mech loading dock. The mech landed on the dock and the hatch popped open. Rits stormed into the door pushing past all of the guards and into the armory. He ripped off the best armor off the shelf and strapped it on. The chest and leggings were made of light titanium, and silicone rubber filling up the cracks to make the armor more flexible. Next Rits rushed the gear storage. There were large cannons, futuristic energy blasters and a lot more utilities. Rits carried a large energy cannon out to the launching pad when he was ambushed by the guards. It was twelve on one. Rits slammed his hand into the large button on the energy cannon, the cannon made a loud humming noise, shook and then started to heat up. A faint blue light shone in the small reactor of the cannon, Rits aimed it at the two middle guards as the thick blue energy pulse shot out of the front of the cannon. Rits took out the guards with one quick sweep and sprinted towards his mech. He attached the cannon to the arm of the mech and climbed inside. There was a hologram message from the large robot inside.

The robot mumbled through the static, I know what your plan is, you are done for. I’ve already sent heavy guards to storm the exits.”

Rits barked back to him, You are not going to get away with this you old rust bucket.”

The large robot calmly said back, “Throwing punches is not going to solve your problem.”

Rits shot back at him, I wish your mouth didn’t run as much as your motor. Rits slammed his fist down on the control panel and the hologram faded away. The computer beeped, Hey, watch my hard drive! I have feelings too y’know.Rits completely ignored the computer and demanded it to lift into the air. The mech was soon gliding towards the loading bay for Mother Base 1. There was a loud crash and soon after the rattle of metal bending. The ship went to a halt and started to plummet towards the ground. Rits barked Are you kidding me? Not this again, I thought this was the best suit in the supply.

The mech slammed into the ground, the impact made Rits lose consciousness. Back at the Mother Base 1 everyone was cheering and celebrating because they’d finally disposed of Rits..


Rits gained consciousness. His armor was tattered and dented and his metal parts had also been damaged.  He had a dent in his forehead, and a missing plate on his arm. He quietly climbed out out the mech and climbed up the side of the cliff that Mother Base 1 rested on. He made it to the top of the cliff only to see that the front was vacant. But there were still cameras observing the area, Rits had to find a way to take them out but he had no weapons. He resorted to disobeying his commands for the greater good, Rits sneaked over to a ship on the landing pad and started stripping it for pieces to use to his advantage. He finally found an opening in the ship where he could climb in, on the inside it was equipped with greater technology than his ship and mech had combined. But one thing caught his eye. It was a small blaster but powerful enough to take out the security cameras and defend Rits from other attacks. Rits crawled back out of the opening he came through, as soon as he got out his number one priority was to get rid of the camera. He lined up his shot carefully and fired. The camera had a quick jolt of electricity and slumped down.

Rits ran over to the side of the base and went around to the back, the back was unguarded as well. Rits noticed an open vent and crawled into it, a couple feet into the tube there were little openings where they could see in and you could see out. The room was empty as well so Rits just climbed into the room, there wasn’t a lot in there it was just a couple seating areas and tables so Rits just climbed back into the went and continued going forward. There were no more openings almost as far as he could see down the vent, but at the end there was some sort of light almost like it lead outside again. Rits had finally reached the end of the vent but couldn’t go into the room because it was filled with tons of guards. And at the front of the room was the large robot, it seemed like he was mumbling something about his plan. All of the guards soon left the room leaving the large robot alone by himself. Rits climbed out of the vent and was locked in an intense standoff with the large robot. He mumbled, Well, do my eyes deceive me? Is that really you tin can?”

Rits replied back, “And what do you plan to do with this planet? Oil can.

The large robot pulled a small device out of his pocket and threw it to the center of the room and said I think you know what is going to happen next. And im doing this because you failed your mission, so we have to start again. Even better than before.

Rits replied with a peppy tone, At Least when i go down i’m taking you and your hunk of robots with me, And you will never be able to conquer this planet no matter how hard you try.

Then the room went silent, the only sound was the device on the floor. It beeped once, Twice, then a third time and then finally went off. Everything on the planet was instantly vaporized, including Rits.

*                                   *                                   *                                   *

Light years after the explosion, a new prodigy awoke. Fresh out of hypersleep Dog arrived. He was a small hunk of metal with conveyors to move around and his pod was just a mere vessel floating out in space with a few controls to guide it  somewhere. As Dog could see, planet X had finally had rebuilt itself. All of the planets in the atmosphere, even the world rebuilt themselves after a couple years. The pod  was now drifting towards Planet X, in a few minutes Dog’s pod had crash landed. His ship scanned the area for life forms and none were found. It must be because the planet had just rebuilt itself so it must still be considered as a young planet and had not gained any life forms yet. Dog walked out of his ship onto the land, it looked extremely green and vibrant with color and still untouched by any living thing. Dog walked around a little bit of the area and the more he observed the more beautiful it seemed to get, it was filled with bright colored flowers, fresh blue water and a wide variation of trees. It all felt so peaceful and even though Dog didn’t feel emotions he almost felt glad to be there. “Alright enough fantasizing,” Dog thought to himself.  “I have to start building a place to live.”

His mission was to prepare the planet for habitation. Afterall, he was only programmed to do his job and then he would be shut down. He had no building supplies so he had to use his surroundings, so Dog wandered pretty far away from the building area. He figured out that if he gnaws at the bottoms of small trees then kicks them that they would come straight down. But once he had gathered a couple trees he was about to head home but he forgot which way he came because his GPS had been damaged during the crash. Dog wandered aimlessly trying to find his way back to the ship when he just stopped for a moment. He had not realized that it was nightfall, he had to find somewhere to rest for the night until morning. There were a couple large bushes he could sleep under but they were not comfortable. He wandered a little farther and found a cave. The cave was huge, it had little shelf like ridges on the walls. Dog threw himself on the floor, and tried his best to fall asleep. The next morning Dog awoke to the sound of small explosions, no louder than corn kernels combusting in a nuclear microwave. He walked outside of his cave and looked up at the sky it was dark and little flashes of lights were exploding in the sky like explosions. It was magnificent, like he had never seen before. The show didn’t seem to stop until early dawn, Dog hardly got any sleep during that time. The next morning dog woke up it was slightly foggy. Dog rolled from his cave out into the grass to observe this so called “fog”. The fog stuck to dog’s metal coding and dripped off. He did not like this residue that was dripping off of him because he thought that it could damage his sensitive circuit boards. These circuit boards were located under Dog’s conveyor that propels him across the ground. As dog continued to scout the area his transmitter suddenly beeped, It sounded like another robot. It said,“Dog if you are hearing this, the planet must be about ready for inhabitation. We are going to land on it soon to start building. And once we do you will be demolished. You have served your purpose well.” After Dog hears this message he starts to shut down his tracking device. The reason for this was because he did not want this peaceful planet to be ruined. For it was his planet, his home and it was his duty to protect it, just as his master Rits would have done.