Fill the Void: Mid-Point Debrief

We've reached the mid-point of the pilot year of The (K)indred Experiment, and the end of 2016. At the risk of getting caught up in all the end of the year list-making and Auld Lang Syne-ing, this seemed like a good point to stop and take stock of the program and the progress the students … Continue reading Fill the Void: Mid-Point Debrief

Toxic Lava & Radioactive Cookies: Lesson Two Debrief

Macaroni fantasy maps are the greatest thing. I'm not much of an artist, and using the dry macaroni to create the land mass outlines of a fantasy world made it so easy. The students liked it too, and they were amazingly agreeable about keeping the macaroni on the paper and not getting it all over … Continue reading Toxic Lava & Radioactive Cookies: Lesson Two Debrief