Crash By AG


In southern France it was time to launch and astronaut Katie Michael a 40 year old woman with long wavy brown hair and sparkling blue eyes was ready to go. 5…4…3…2 “WAIT!” Astronaut Michael screamed. The countdown stopped.

“What’s the matter?” her daughter, Lucy a 15 year old girl who looked almost identical to her mom  said. At that very moment Katie Michael vomited all over, everywhere.

“We can’t send a sick woman into outer space,” said her chief.

“Lucy,” Katie said, “you have to go in my place.”

“But mom I can’t leave you like this,” Lucy replied.

“I’ll be fine, I promise. You need to find the cure, for can-” Katie started but then passed out.

“Are you ready Miss. Michael” the chief said. No, she thought. “Yes,” Lucy replied. I’ve been watching my mom all year I… I can do this. 5..4..3..2..1 BLAST OFF! All Lucy could see was blurs of trees here and there. She was going so fast she really couldn’t make it out.

“It’s been a few hours and I don’t know where I’m even going.  I don’t know where I’m going.” she repeated herself . “AHHH!!!!!!! How could they not tell me where I’m even going, that’s just cruel”. She walked over to the cabinet in search of food to only find ..well nothing. She started to panic. “AH

H!! This is my first space trip and I don’t know where I’m going and there’s no food,” she said to herself in rage. The spaceship started making a loud noise and lights began to flash. Then she saw it, a huge crate drifting in outer space, probably fifty feet by fifty feet.

CRASH!!! BANG!!!!!! SMASH!!!!!!

The huge metal crate smashed into the spaceship and the engine stopped. No surprise because there was a huge dent in it and it was smoking. Lucky for her, Lucy had her space suit on. When she looked up she could see… WATER! It was in the crate. But it wasn’t just water there was also very dangerous chemicals. She thought since her ship was ruined the crate could make a good place to camp out until they send help. Without knowing better, she jumped. Luckily enough she landed on the crate. After fixing the crate she just sat in it with high hopes.
It’s been a few hours and she was starting to get cold. But little did she know she was drifting farther and farther into space with only a couple days worth of air.

CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The huge metal crate smashes into a gigantic patch of icicles. “Wow where am I” and then bang she hit her head so hard on the crate she passed out. Zzzzz. She just crash landed on a huge planet with doors every which way, icicles, sand, tornadoes and houses, but very little vegetation.

When she woke up she started walking and bumped into something.

“Wow, are you ok,” said the mysterious creature. Then Lucy looked up and saw a huge robotic dinosaur. Tall, huge wide green eyes and a fire red.

Lucy screamed. “Where am I?” Lucy asked “and who are you?”

“You’re on planet Go Bo and my name is Bobby Joe. But you can call me BJ,” he replied. “What’s wrong? Do you have a ne no?”

“You… wait, what’s a ne no?”

“It’s this,” BJ said as it pulled up its sleeve and green pus started oozing out.

“Ew gross put it away,” Lucy said disgusted.

“Sorry so what is the matter?” BJ asked.

“You’re not human!” Lucy said.

“Human? What’s human?” BJ asked confused.

“Uh, me duh!!!!” Lucy replied shouting.

“Oh, well nice to meet you human” the mysterious creature said but my name is Lucy” said Lucy.

“Ok, why don’t you spend the rest of the afternoon with us,” said BJ.

“Ok,” replied Lucy.

BJ showed Lucy around and showed her where she will be staying. The Robo Dinosaurs gave Lucyher own house and everything  she would need. BJ gave her $200,000 to spend at his store, Everything You Will Need From BJ’S.

“Every afternoon is when all of us go shopping.” BJ explained.

“Does that mean I get to go shopping here?” Lucy asked.

“You betcha.” BJ replied.

It was finally time to go shopping and Lucy couldn’t wait! When she walked in the store she couldn’t believe her eyes. Rows and rows of what looked like soup, about 100 coolers full of yummy drinks and a lot more coolers with meats.

“Now let the shopping and chaos begin,” BJ yelled.

Lucy looked carefully because even though BJ gave her $200,000 the stuff there was very expensive. A can of soup was $100 plus tax. And tax isn’t 8% like it is on Earth, it’s $50 instead. She grabbed 4 cans of soup for $600 with tax, 5 cases of water for $1,250 with tax, 10 steaks for $4,500 with tax and 3 cases of what looked like sprite for $200 with tax. So she had $193,450 left.

It was time for bed and all of the robo-dinos were walking around in a circle. So Lucy did what anyone else would do and joined in. She was walking for 30 minutes and gave up. She sat down and sighed.

It was time to go to bed and Lucy had no idea where to sleep. Then another human, that Lucy thought was very attractive, came over and started asking a bunch of questions like “where are you from?” “How did you get here?” “Where’s your family?” see this human crashed landed here a couple years ago an had to stay hidden.

Finally Lucy had enough and said, “Ok ok calm down. Sit down and I’ll answer your questions.

“Oh sorry, you don’t have to answer them. It’s just I’ve never seen another human on this planet. My name is Niall,” he said.

“Hi my name is Lucy. I can answer them it’s no big deal,” Lucy said.


“Ok. So I was wondering if you wanted to take a walk tomorrow, um like with me?” Niall asked nervously.

“I would love to!” Lucy replied with joy.

When Lucy woke up the next morning she was so excited to go on her walk with Niall but then she got a sudden urge to vomit. Soon enough she did. She was so sad because she was going to  miss her walk with Niall. So  instead she went to BJ’s house and told him the sad news.

She knocked on the door and BJ answered. She told him she wasn’t feeling well and BJ told her do get some rest.

It was still a couple hours until her walk, but Lucy kept getting worse. When Niall walked in she was lying in bed look worse then ever. He asked her what was the matter. She told him that she was sick and might not make it. Niall started to cry.

It was only ten minutes after that, when lucy passed. This disease is a cancer but on this planet it kills quicker.

“No! This can’t be happening!” Niall screamed in tears. Then he placed a sweet, gentle kiss on her lips. He was about to walk out when he heard moaning. Lucy was awake!

“Can you treat me to that walk now?” Lucy asked in tears.

“We can do whatever you want. Just please stay healthy and never do this again,” Niall replied.


Lucy and Niall were heading toward the icicles but little did they know they had visitors. There were doors around the entire planet. In those doors were were huge massive cyborgs. They were just reaching old McGrawl, a misunderstood old robo-dino’s house when, BAM!! The doors opened one by one and a cyborg came out of each of them. Niall and Lucy started running as fast as their little legs could bring them but it was just no use sadly the cyborgs caught Niall and he died. But they didn’t catch Lucy. As she was running she thought to herself, wow, those track meets did pay off. My mom was right. When she got back to the town she looked back and to her surprise Niall wasn’t behind her. She started crying and everyone gathered around.

“What’s the matter?” BJ asked.

“Niall…doors…old McGrawl” she said repeating herself over and over again.

“WHAT?!?” BJ screamed.

BJ and his friends went out to fight the cyborgs. After a long time BJ and his friends came back. “There were hundreds of them. But we fought them off.” BJ boasted.

“Oh, thank you thank you thank you. And Niall?” Lucy said.

“I’m so sorry young girl. There was no sign of any human.” one of BJ’s friends said.

“NOO!! This can’t be,” Lucy screamed

“I’m so sorry little lady but yes, yes it can” said BJ’s friend. Lucy went home and days passed and no one heard from her or saw her.

One hot afternoon Lilly went over to Lucy’s house. But when she walked in and pulled the covers off of Lucy she saw something no little robo-dino should see. Lucy was dead (again). This time of depression because she was soo sad Niall had died. She ran bawling her eyes out and screamed, “Lucy not with us anymore! Lucy not with us anymore!”

“WHAT?!” everyone screamed. Everyone ran into Lucy’s house and one said, “The little girl is not lying”

The robo-dinos had a huge ceremony for her.

Meanwhile back on Earth Lucy’s mom was getting worried.

“I need to go save her,” Katie said.

“What makes you think she’s in trouble?” her chief asked.

“I know my baby,” she replied

“Are you sure you’re well enough Katie,” her colleague said.

“I don’t have a choice,” Katie snapped back.

“Allright suit her up,” her chief yelled.

“Thank you. I will not disappoint you,” Katie said.

“Here we go, 5…..4……3…..2…1 BLAST OFF!!” yelled her chief.

The rocket shot up to space. Unlike her daughter’s trip, Katie had food and water. Also she was properly trained. She still didn’t know where her daughter was but she was determined to find out.

She was “sailing” in space until she saw a crate! She thought it was just floating in space but little did she know it was the crate her daughter practically lived in. She started flying towards it and when she got closer she realized it was on another planet. She started flying at maximum speed until she realized she was running out of fuel! So she stopped the space shuttle, put her space suit on and went out for a “walk”. She saw something liquid and green floating. She bottled it up and went back in the space shuttle. She took some test with the limited lab equipment she had. She found what she was looking for!!!! The cure!!!

“Now I am going to find my daughter!” she screamed even though she thought no one could hear her. But, back on planet Go Bo someone heard her.

“Mommy did you hear that?” Lilly asked.

“No sweetie what was it?” her mom asked.

“Someone said, “Now I am going to find my daughter,” Lilly replied.

“Oh really” Lilly’s mom said

“Uh hu” Lilly said.


“WHAT THE!” everyone screamed. Katie stepped out of the space shuttle and said “Where is my daughter!?”

“Who’s your daughter?” someone asked.

“Lucy,” she said Everyone gasped.

“Um…” one of the robo-dinos said. As Katie walked up to her daughter tears formed in her eyes. She never thought she would see this day. Wait, SHE KNEW HOW TO SAVE HER! If she mixed the chemicals, the cure for cancer, with the weird soda they had there she could save her. As she thought that her stomach started to ache. It’s her or me. She thought to herself. So quickly she poured the whole bottle in Lucy’s mouth. It took a couple of minutes but finally Lucy woke up to see her mom lying dead on the floor.

“Mom?” Lucy said.

“I’m so sorry Lucy but..” before BJ could finish his sentence Lucy had fled to her house.

BJ walked into Lucy’s house and told her they could fix the space shuttle and she could go home. But she just said she has to accept it and move on. So Lucy adopted two robo-dinos and lived a happy life on planet Go Bo.


The End