Austin’s Journey by G. M.

Austin’s Journey

Once upon a time there was a goatman. His name was Austin. He lived on the Planet Goat. His home land was Mount goat but below him lay the mean and powerful snake warriors. The goat men’s king is King Gray. He’s really nice. He gives food to all the people but the snake men starve living off mice and birds.

So one day The Village received word that the snake people were going to attack because they wanted to get seeds to plant stack plants and blood orange trees, Then king Gray made armies to defend against the snake people. Austin was put in the Army he did not have a choice to refuse.  Weeks later they would have to move out and fight the snake people before they invaded the goat people’s village. Austin trained and he trained. They trained until they could not train anymore.

After a few weeks he was strong enough to hold up his sword, shield, and armor. He could finally be a good warrior.  He could  hold  the snake people off. But one day, before the army went to attack, his mother fell gravely ill. Austin was not able fight in the war. He stayed in the village longing to fight but he couldn’t because he was overwhelmed and needed to care for his mother.

Austin was the only one in the village months before few of the goat warriors returned to the village. The king was gone, and all the good people were injured except Austin. He should have felt lucky that he didn’t go into the army. Maybe his mother fell ill for a reason. If there’s a reason she’s sick maybe it meant that being the only one not injured he would have to take care of the other the other injured people. There were very few that were left to return home but they didn’t return home alone. They returned home captured and caged up like monkeys.


They tried to break out but the snake people were too powerful. The snake people took over the goat Village.

Austin was the only hope of getting his kingdom back so all his training paid off after all. He was finally able to fight so he took a small Corner that his mother used as her cottage and made keys and weapons exactly like the ones that the snake people had around their necks to free the people that were in the cages. Night fell and everyone was asleep except the guards. He took his one and only battle axe his great-grandfather left for him 27 years ago.

Austin knew that the battle axe would come in handy one day and this was the day.  He jumped out of his mother’s Cottage and attacked. Austin was taking out snake people left and right and eventually all the guards were dead. He freed the goat people. The snake people did not know where the other people were so they looked and looked but they could not find them but they did not look far up in the sky. Warriors with armor swords and shields won by attacking the snake people into their home.

There was only one problem: the king was still missing.  The king was still in the snake’s village being guarded. So Austin led the goat people back to the village to rescue the king at night. They were able to win back the kingdom the king was very happy that they won the war.

Little did they know off in the distance was another kingdom waiting to attack the village people. They were called the Yeti Warriors.