Student Projects

The links below will take you to the students’ work for the year, including their stories, maps and dioramas. Stories have not been altered beyond what the students worked on during (K)indred meeting times, except to clean up the copy where necessary to make it easier to read. As a result, some of the stories end with pretty serious cliffhangers.

All stories, maps and art belong to the (K)indred Experiment students and may not be reproduced.

YEAR THREE: 2018-2019

Untitled by K. N.

Austin’s Journey by G. M.

Untitled by B. W.

Zax Boom by M. L.

Untitled by I. H.

Sister Love by A. W. F.

Untitled Alternate History by C.

YEAR TWO: 2017-2018

The Rune Caster by C. C.

PS4 101 by P. K.

Untitled by L. M.

The Sword of Power by R. R.

Untitled by T. R.

A Forbidden Love by I. S.

YEAR ONE: 2016-2017

Second Stars by AF

Virus by JR

The Hidden World by JB

Crash by AG

The Adventures of Gary by JB

Planet X by JC

The Unexpected Crash by RW



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