A Whole New World: Worldbuilding Worksheet

*Help yourself to the following worksheet. It is something I compiled with inspiration and ideas from countless other similar sheets.

A Whole New World

Building blocks of a story setting


  1. List 3 to 5 main elements that make up your planet.




  1. What are the primary colors of your planet? (For example, we think of Earth as mostly blue, green and white.) Why?




  1. What are the physics of your planet? Is there gravity? How much? Are there solid land masses surrounded by liquid or gas? What is the average temperature?




  1. Describe the atmosphere of your planet.




  1. Describe the terrain of your planet.



  1. What is the weather like? Are there seasons? How long do they last?



  1. Is there flora and fauna on your planet? Describe one of each.




  1. How do your characters live? Describe their main civilization on the planet. The capital city, for example.




  1. What do your characters eat? How do they acquire what they eat?




  1. Who lives on your planet?