A Forbidden Love by I. S.

A Forbidden Love

Once in a time not too far from our own there was a planet very similar to ours but oh so very different. The planet Axelis, is a place where people and all living things dwell and live their lives . On this planet there were two  major colonies or groups of people, the Nightshade colony and the Abroughty colony. These two colonies lived in peace for many a year until war broke out between them. The war was about what most wars are, land and resources. After about 12 years of nonstop war, almost all of the land and resources they were fighting about were gone. They made a peace treaty with each other and the Nightshades got one half of the estate and the Abroughtys got the other half. They put a magical barrier between the two lands to make sure no one would cross enemy lines. This however used up every last bit of magic anyone on either side possessed.  Ever since then they have both stayed on their side of the estate and it is that way to this day.


Chloe was a Nightshadian. Her parents were the king and queen of Nighshadia. Chloe had big bright green eyes that were always full of enthusiasm, she had waist long golden/brown hair and she had a small skinny figure. Chloe always helped whenever she could. She never disobeyed her parents, she tried her hardest at everything, and she was always good and fair to other people. She loved the idea of being queen so she worked hard to be the best queen she could ever be. On Chloe’s 20th birthday she would be crowned queen of Nighshadia. Chloe was 17 now and she could not wait, even thought it was 3 years off. She was just doing her best to prove to everyone she would be the best queen they had ever had.


Jay was an Abroughyian. His parents were the king and queen of Abroughyia. Jay was a rambunctious teen and could care less about what his parents said. All he wanted to do was have fun. He was also power hungry. He longed to be king. He wanted everyone to do anything he told them to; he would have all of the power. His parents had no respect for him and never trusted him with anything. The people took a disliking to him as well and would do anything to annoy him without getting one of his severe punishments.



One day Chloe was walking near the forest and decided to take a little walk, even to the border maybe. Once she got there she sat down in a small clearing where a patch of sunlight was and just looked around and enjoyed the scenery.  She was relaxing a bit and just laying in the grass almost asleep but aware of her surroundings. Suddenly a voice came out of nowhere and said,

“So, you like nature?”


The voice startled her so much she sprang to her feet and started in the direction the voice came from. To her surprise when she looked over she saw a very handsome boy and a small blush dusted her cheeks. The boy had fluffy brown short hair and a very defined and tan face with beautiful blue orbs that were his eyes. He looked well built and was quite tall compared to herself. He was about half a foot taller than she was. She stood there in awe before she snapped out of her trance and straightened her back and replied shyly against her best efforts

“Y-yea, I think i-it’s really b-beautiful out here and it g-gives off a c-calm and p-peaceful essence.”


“ Yea I guess it is,”  Jay replied. He leaned against a tree and snatched an apple off it and took a bite out of it.

Chloe just stood staring at him for a bit before glancing at her watch and a wave of panic fell over her. She was late for a meeting with her parents! So she kind of  bunched all of her words together before running off, “ I’m sorry but I really need to leave because of, like, reasons and will be back tomorrow bye!”


Before she could sprint off he said, “Wait! I didn’t catch your name!”


Chloe gave him a playful grin and replied smugly, “That’s because I didn’t throw it.” and rushed off.

Jay smiled to himself and watched the stunning girl rush off into the woods and thought to himself,  “She said she would be back tomorrow right? I think she did. Well anyway I might as well come back just to see, after all I still need her name.”


He took one last bite of the apple core and threw it at the barrier and it bounced off and landed right back at his feet. He kicked it to the side and casually meandered home.


When Chloe got home she was out of breath and red in the face from running so far. Her mother looked over at her and said,  “Chloe! Where have you been? You are never late to anything!”


Chloe just looked at her and said, “Sorry mom, I went for a walk and the time got away from me I guess.”


Her mother gave her a sideways look and said with slight suspicion, “Well, alright then.”


and continued the meeting. Chloe took a seat and listened intently the entire time. When the meeting was over she went to bed thinking about the strange boy she had met today and for some unknown reason was excited to see him the next day. She finally drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the mysterious boy in her head.


When Jay got home his parents barely acknowledged his entrance. His Father looked up and said, “Jay, we need to talk.”


Jay stopped in his tracks and spun around on his heels and replied,  “ ‘Bout what?”


His father sighed and said, “Jay, the way you are acting now is not even close to Ok, you’re always out late and giving other people trouble and causing mischief. This behavior will not be acceptable in this household and if you keep it up you will not be able to become king.” Jay’s mouth dropped to the floor and his father continued to speak.


“So far you have proven to everyone that you’re not worthy of the great responsibility of being king. If your behavior improves and you prove to be responsible then you will be able to become king on your 21st birthday.”


Jay was frozen in shock, had he really been that bad? No, he couldn’t have been, Or could he have? He was pondering this while walking up to his room. He sat down on his bed and was replaying the conversation he had just had with his father inside his head when suddenly the girl from earlier popped into his head and he forgot completely about the whole conversation ordeal and set his mind on the girl. He remembered almost every detail of her figure. Her bright green eyes, her long brown golden hair, and her defined face. He didn’t know much about this stunning girl , but he definitely wanted to know more about her. He drifted off into a dreamless sleep with thoughts of the girl in his head.


Chloe woke up with the sunlight shining on her face. She sleepily walked downstairs and ate a bagel for breakfast. She walked back upstairs and took a shower and got dressed. She was contemplating which outfit to wear: a long sleeved light grey tank top with a jean jacket and a pair of ripped jeans with some black converse,  or a Nirvana T with black ripped skinny jeans converse and a grey beanie. She finally decided on the grey tank top jean jacket outfit and she was looking around for her eyeliner when her mom called her downstairs. Chloe went down to see her mother and her father sitting at the table and looking very serious. Chloe cautiously sat down and said, “ Why are you guys looking so serious?”


Her parents looked at each other then nodded and in  a matter of seconds they got up grabbed some balloons and almost everyone in the whole kingdom was screaming,




She covered her mouth in surprise and giggled and said, “ Oh my gosh guys thank you so much! I honestly forgot it was my birthday!


They all laughed and the party continued. A couple hours later after the party Chloe went to the border again slightly because she wanted to take a walk and slightly because she wanted to see him again. A light blush dusted her cheeks as she thought of him. She walked and sat with her back to the border just fiddling with her hands. Then she heard the voice she heard yesterday saying,

“ So, you came back.”


She turned around and saw him leaning against the same tree he did the day before . She smiled at him and said, “So Mr. No Name, you came back as well.”


He playfully grinned at her and said, “Well I guess I did, I still don’t have your name.”


She replied, “ Chloe, Chloe Vannoble.”


He stood still and was silent for a moment and said “ Jay, Jay Leferra”


She smiled at him and said a bit shyly, “That’s a nice name.”


“I could say the same about you Chloe.” Jay turned his back to her and said, “ I have to leave, promise you will be back tomorrow.”


Chloe thought about it for a bit then said, “Yea, sure I’ll be here.”


He turned around and looked at her and said, “Great, see you then.” Then he walked off and Chloe went home.


These meetings continued for a long time until Chloe’s parents began getting suspicious and sent a townsperson to see where she went and what she did. He followed her to the border and saw a boy from the opposite side appear. He watched them for a while longer before running back to the castle informing the king and queen that their daughter was seeing a boy from the enemy side and that’s where she had been going for the past month and a half.  He parents were shocked and frustrated because they could not believe Chloe would do such a thing! They decided once they got home they would deal with the situation.


When Chloe went to meet Jay she had a feeling she was being watched. She brushed it off as her just being paranoid about the whole thing and continued with her walk. When she got there it was the usual: talked, laughed, made jokes, some embarrassing moments, and a bit of blushing from both of them. About 30 minutes of this she and Jay both heard a noise in the bushes and they both looked in that direction. They questioned it at first and then thought it was an animal and began talking again.

When Chloe was walking home she was thinking, “Do I have feelings for Jay? If I do, how do I tell him? He probably does not feel the same way, what am I thinking? Ugh I DO have feelings for him! Or do I? I don’t even know anymore!!” She stopped walking and held her head in her hands. After a while of arguing with herself she came to a conclusion; she is in love with Jay. She decided to tell him tomorrow and respect whatever his decision was. She skipped/ran/walked home.

When she got there she found her parents standing at the bottom of the stairs looking as if someone had just told them that Chloe was seeing someone from the opposite side…. Oh no. She started to speak but was cut off by her father,


“Chloe! How dare you! I can’t believe you are seeing someone from the enemy side!”


His face was all red and she looked like he was about to explode. Her mother then spoke. “Chloe! Why? Out of everyone here you had to disobey us and see an enemy! Chloe we are both very disappointed in you, and you are not allowed to leave this castle for a week and you are never EVER allowed to see that rebel boy again! Do you understand?!?”

Chloe could feel the tears prick her eyes as she said weakly,“ Y-yes Mother..”


Then her father said, “Now, go up to your room and don’t come back down unless we demand your presence.”


Chloe just nodded and dashed up to her room immediately falling onto her bed sobbing her eyes out.  She went into the bathroom and saw that her eyes were red and puffy and her face was stained with tear tracks. She let one final tear fall down her cheek before wiping her eyes vigorously and jumped in the shower. All of her tensed up muscles relaxed and she felt at ease as the water ran over her body. All of the thoughts that were rushing through her head before vanished and she was in a state of complete state of serenity. She stepped out into the steam filled room and wrapped a fuzzy towel around herself. She walked out of the bathroom and into her room and changed into a pair of comfy sweatpants and a fluffy sweater. She sat there reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when her mom came up stairs. Her mom knocked on her door when she entered and sat on the bed next to Chloe. Chloe ignored her but when her mom began to talk she took interest.


“Chloe I, I know you don’t like me or your father right now. We just wants what’s best for you and we were just so shocked that you would do that, I understand that you have feeling for this boy but  sweetie you can’t. He is from the other side.”


Chloe whipped her head around to look at her mother and said, “Mom, when you and dad fell in love nobody tried to stop you. He was the love of your life and you got to be happy and be with him, so why can’t I? Just let me see him please.”


Chloe’s mom sighed and said half heartedly, “Chloe I’m sorry but you will never be able to see him again.”


Chloe just stared at her then ran to her bathroom and locked the door. Her mom got up and left her room and Chloe just sat in the bathroom quietly crying and thinking about how life is so unfair and logic is so screwed up and why can’t it just be normal. Then Chloe got an idea. She went to sleep thinking about her plan that she would put into motion tomorrow.


Chloe got up the next morning and walked downstairs like nothing happened and grabbed breakfast as usual and sat down and ate silently. Her father walked over and sat down at the table with her and they sit in silence for a small bit then her father broke the awkward silence and said, “Listen Chloe, I know I was a bit hard on you it’s just that I love you and I  want you to be ok.”


Chloe just smiled at him and said, “Aww Dad I know, I love you too.”


Then Chloe walked back up to her room and the day passed by like usual. At about 10:00 Chloe shot a text to Jay saying “meet be @ the border ASAP”. Chloe crept out her window onto her roof and climbed the vines clinging to the castle walls down to the slightly damp earth. She ran the rest of the way to the border.


When she got there she caught her breath and waited for about 5 minutes until she saw a figure running towards her from the opposite side. Jay came running up and leaned against the tree and also caught his breath. Then he asked, “Chloe! Why did you text me so late? What could be this important?”


Then Chloe mustered up all of her courage and said, “Jay, I  don’t have much time so I need to make this quick, My mother found out I was seeing you and forbid me from ever seeing you again but I had to see you one last time because I needed to tell you that, that I-I I love you Jay! God you’re just amazing! Just everything about you! You’re perfect and I thought that this was just a petty crush so I waited for the feelings to go away but they didn’t, so here I am telling you that I, Chloe Vannoble am madly in love with you Jay Leferra.”


Chloe’s face was red from ranting and slightly from embarrassment then before Chloe could say anything else Jay replied, “ God if there wasn’t this stupid border I would kiss you…”


Chloe smiled then put her hand up on the border and Jay put his on hers. The border was like a slab of glass, strong enough to keep things apart but easy enough to break if you just found a way how…Then it washed over Chloe like a thunderclap and she said  aloud,




Jay then stepped back and said, “Chloe! You’re a genius! I can’t believe we didn’t think of this before!”


They stood there smiling like idiots for at least two minutes before Chloe noticed the sun coming up. Then she said in a hurry, “Jay I will meet you back here same time tomorrow.”


She muttered the last part just loud enough for Jay to hear before running into the forest, “I love you.”


Jay watched her run into the forest, her hair trailing behind her and said, “I love you too.”  


Chloe was running faster than she had ever run before. She shimmied her way up the castle wall and pulled herself into her room through her window and flopped on her bed out of exhaustion and instantly fell asleep. Chloe woke up about 3 hours later. She looked over at her clock groggily and it read 10:15, so she got up and stretched and took a quick shower. Once she got out and dried herself off she threw on some loose jeans and a Rolling Stones T and since she wasn’t allowed to leave the house she snuck past her parents and slipped out the door and started walking to the witch’s house at the edge of the kingdom.

Once she got there she walked up to the door and she went to knock on the door, but before she could the witch opened  the door and it made Chloe jump a small bit, then the witch said,  “Chloe! My dear, I was expecting you, you were earlier than I anticipated.”


Chloe was about to question how the witch knew she was coming then she remembered, she was a witch; she knew all most everything. She walked into the witch’s rickety old cottage and looked around at the huge books on the shelves. There were weirdly colored things in glass jars. Then she remembered why she came here in the first place and said, “ Hey, I  was wondering if you could-”


Then the witch cut her off and said “Wondering if I could make a spell to break the border so you and Jay can see each other for a day? Hmm?”


Chloe looked shocked then replied,“ Y-yea, actually so do you, or can you do the spell for me, please?”


“Of course I can dear, it’s just that, well, there is always a price for magic, more specifically a blood price.”


Chloe wasn’t really focused on what the witch was saying she was much more focused on the idea the she and Jay would actually be able to see each other without something holding them back. Chloe was then pulled from her thoughts by the witch saying, “Chloe are you sure you want to do the spell even with the price?”


“Yes, of course whatever it takes.”


The witch nodded and walked over to her shelves of books and pulled out the largest one with the most dust on it and plopped it on the table and flipped through the pages mindlessly before she stopped at one and looked it over. Then she began to speak in some kind of foreign language and she walked over to a huge cauldron in one corner of the room. She was still chanting in that foreign language when she put all kinds of mysterious ingredients into the caldron and it started changing colors and bubbling almost over the rim. It suddenly stopped and the witch took a ladle full of the concoction and put it into a small glass bottle and placed it gingerly into Chloe’s hands and said,

“Now Chloe,  you go home and get a full night sleep. Wake up early in the morning and make sure Jay is there when you do this. Pour a small bit of the contents of this bottle every 5 feet on the ground along the barrier until you run out, then in approximately 3.95727493585 seconds the barrier will be destroyed.  You will have the whole day with Jay until the last bit of sun is hidden behind the mountains, then the barrier will be restored and you will be pulled back onto your own side.”


Chloe thanked her profusely before practically running home and slipping into her house without her parents noticing. Once she got into her room, she placed the bottle on her bedside table and went downstairs to grab her phone as she had left it on the counter that morning.

Once she got down there her Mother pulled her aside and said, “Chloe, your father and I have decided to reduce your punishment since you have been so well behaved. You will be able to leave the house tomorrow.”


Chloe smiled at her and said, “Thanks Mom.”


Before grabbing her phone and going back upstairs, she looked down at her phone. When she got into her room and sent Jay a text saying, “ 2morrow meet me @ the border at 6AM. I have something 2 show u.” She smiled down at her phone before putting on some comfy P.J’s and going to sleep.


Chloe woke up the next morning to the alarm she set for 5:45 and she practically jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom. She brushed her hair and put a pair of black pants and a Melanie Martinez CRY BABY T-shirt and a Twenty One Pilots BLURRY FACE hoodie. She walked downstairs and waved to her father who was filling out some sort of paperwork at the kitchen table, then walked to the border. When she got there it was 6:00 on the dot and she saw Jay walking towards her. Once he got there she pulled out the bottle she had grabbed from her bedside table and held it in front of her and asked, “Jay, do you know what this is? It’s our chance to actually be able to see each other without this stupid border in the way.”


Jay just smiled at her and said, “Well then what are we waiting for?”


Chloe smiled back at him and opened up the bottle and began to do what the witch had told her to do; pour a bit out every 5 feet. Once she had done this, she sped back and then 3.95727493585 seconds later there was a moment where even the birds were silent.

The barrier shattered into billions of pieces. Both of them stood in shock for a couple minutes, then Jay walked a couple steps closer to Chloe and where the barrier once was. Chloe walked closer to Jay until they were only a couple inches away. Then, suddenly Jay embraced Chloe and she hugged him back. Chloe took his hand and pulled him into the forest.


A couple hours passed with them just enjoying each other’s company and talking about life and all the mysteries of the universe. After a while they got tired and sat up against a tree and Chloe cuddled up to Jay. They sat in silence for a while then Chloe said, “So, what happens now?”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean like, well, what happens when the sun goes down and the barrier is restored?”


Jay looked at her with a blank face and kissed her forehead and said, “Don’t worry about it, we will figure something out.”


Chloe hummed as a response and dozed off, still cuddled up to Jay. He looked down at her when he heard light snoring, he smiled at her and soon dozed off as well.

When Chloe woke up she noticed it wasn’t as bright as it was when she fell asleep. She looked to the West Mountains and she saw the smallest sliver of the sun disappear behind the mountains. Chloe remembered what the witch had said and she started panicking and she shook Jay awake. Once he woke up he asked, “Chloe, what’ s wrong?”



“Chloe! Chloe, calm down! What’s wrong? What’s happening?”


“Jay don’t you understand? The sun went down! The barrier will be restored and the blood price will be paid somehow! I don’t even know what the blood price is!”


“Chloe, it will be ok. Everything will be Ok. The blood price is probably like a goat sacrifice or something like that. It will be ok. The barrier will just be restored and sure that will suck but it will be fine.”


Chloe’s breathing slowed down and she calmed down. Then out of nowhere she broke into a coughing fit and Jay rubbed her back soothingly while asking her if she was ok. She sat up and looked at him like she was about to say something but then she bent over clutching her stomach and started throwing up blood. Jay reached for her but it felt like an invisible force had pulled him backwards, back to his side. The barrier had been restored leaving Jay stunned on one side and Chloe still coughing violently on the other. Then suddenly, Chloe fell back lifeless with her eyes closed. Jay started panicking and started yelling out her name.  He fell onto his knees and continued screaming her name and punching the barrier.


He started quietly sobbing as tears stained his face. By now he was just lightly hitting the barrier, emotionally exhausted. He looked at her lifeless face and suddenly he felt a rush of adrenaline and he punched the barrier one last time and he felt all of that energy he had go into the punch and the barrier shattered. He stood up and walked over to Chloe’s body and picked her up bridal style and carried her back to her castle.


Once he got there, he pushed open the door and everyone looked at him: Chloe’s parents, the staff, everyone. They stood there in shock just looking at the image in front of them. Then Jay collapsed still holding on tightly to Chloe. Her parents rushed over followed by everyone else. Jay looked up at them weakly then Chloe’s father said, “It’s ok son, we have her now. You did so well bringing her to us. I’m assuming you’re Jay?”


He weakly nodded then let Chloe’s father take her. They all walked up to the witch’s house with hope that she could fix her before it was too late. Once they got there the witch opened the door knowing they were coming and Chloe’s father laid her down on a table. Chloe’s mother spoke up and asked with worry, “Is there still time to save her?”


“Yes but very little, when someone dies it takes a while for their soul to actually leave their bodies forever. Let’s just hope we can bring her soul back from the point of no return. The witch then looked at Jay and said, “Oh Jay I’m sorry but Chloe will lose most of her memories considering it’s been awhile since she died. She probably won’t remember you, but she will remember who she is and where she belongs.”


Jay shed a silent tear and replied, “Just do whatever it takes to save her.”


The witch nodded and placed her hands slightly over Chloe’s body and began to chant something inaudible and a blue/ green essence appeared around Chloe’s body. Chloe sat upright gasping for breath. Her parents rushed over to her asking multiple questions and Jay stayed in the corner observing making sure Chloe was ok before silently walking out of the cottage and back to his side.

Once Jay stepped back onto his side the barrier restored itself never to be disturbed again.

Chloe went on to become queen and married a fine man and had 2 children, she was known as the fairest ruler Nightshadia had ever had. Jay started caring more about things and being more responsible.  He became king when he was 21 and ruled over Abroughyia with a just but strong hand. Jay never loved again and always had Chloe in his mind as the true love of his life.

         The End