Time Crunch

The bulk of this year’s Experiment is over.

We’ll have one more meeting as a group, which will be devoted mostly to snacking and sharing anything the students have come up with. I sort of doubt that any of them will have actual stories, mostly due to time constraints.

Three 40-minute class periods is not nearly enough time, but it was all that we could wrangle this year. We spent the first one talking about what key ingredients go into a story, and building a new world with a World Cloud.

The second meeting was devoted entirely to making the maps of their worlds to help them visualize them. A week or two between class meetings was hard, too, because the majority of the students didn’t remember what they’d been working on, and didn’t really use the worlds they’d previously built, but rather collaboratively build new ones.

This was an interesting development, actually. Their classroom teacher said they didn’t really work together very well, and yet, they all build very similar worlds and put their peers into them.

This past week, our last class of actual instruction, we did character sketches and began storyboarding. I made new worksheets with a list of questions and a short blurb about where their stories should be in order to make it as structured as possible. Their stories were broken into three sheets (beginning, middle and end) with three panels of information on each.

Even with specific questions to answer they were struggling to make a narrative. This could just be because there wasn’t enough time to really dig into anything.

Note to self for next year, 40 minutes one hundred percent doesn’t cut it.


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